Adnium Ad Network Review 2020

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Adnium Ad Network Review 2020

Adnium Ad Network Review 2020

Adnium is an ad network that allows publishers to monetize their desktop and mobile traffic through a small group of ad formats. Banners and popunders are the sole inventory available to users, each of whom must generate a minimum of $ 100 to withdraw money from their account. It is available on request via Paxum and wire transfer, which results in a relatively easy way.

Other important features include a referral program that pays 5% commission to those who refer them to the Adnium platform, in addition to a self-service platform that makes it easy for users to make changes to their account.

Ad Type

  • For Desktop
  • Banner
  • Popunder
  • For Cellular
  • Banner
  • Popunder

Offer Type

  • CPM

Traffic Type

  • Desktop and cellular

Payment Rules

Users can transfer money from Adnium to a Paxum account, provided they have met the minimum income of $ 100. For wire transfers, a minimum of $ 500.

Perhaps the best thing about payment services is the ‘request’ system, which means that publishers can request money to be added to their accounts whenever they want. This was completed within seven days after the request was made. If there is a dispute related to the amount paid – that is, if it is less than expected – the issuer has 30 days from when their payment was completed to cause concern. Exceeding this results in the exclusion of any dispute.

Adnium makes no disclosure of fees attached to withdrawing money from its account, although it does not mention that the issuer is responsible for all costs from the platform itself. Banks often collect money for wire transfers, which makes it more important for publishers to see what they want.


Customer support at Adnium is available through a number of different methods. On its website is a ‘select ticket’ platform that allows anyone to ask questions about the service. There’s also a special email address for support-related questions, and a Skype profile to solve things that might be a little more interesting. Above this is the FAQ section which contains many tips and information for new users.

Terms, Conditions and Other Notes

Considered to be more stringent than some of its competitors, Adnium has detailed service requirements for publishers to follow. This is available through the ‘Acceptable Use’ document and includes a variety of prohibited activities, including:

  • Promotion of illegal activities, including violent content and other forms.
  • Sales of weapons and ammunition, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and related objects.
  • File-sharing or torrent site. Domains used solely for the aim of serving ads (i.e. with zero content) and ‘thin affiliate’ pages are also prohibited.
  • Popups or popunders that interfere with site navigation. Usually this will require the user to click on it to return to the page.
  • Excessive profanity on the website. It might be arguable that this comes from users who comment on articles, but Adnium also needs everything to be moderated.
  • Adnium code manipulation, or use of techniques to change site statistics.
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In addition to the above, Adnium demands that each ad be displayed on pages with content, but users cannot place more than six ad zones on one page. The same zone also cannot be displayed twice on the same page; unique must be placed.

Failure to adhere to Adnium’s terms of service in the temporary or permanent account suspension.

Referral Program

The Adnium platform does require a fairly large minimum income, especially for publishers who want to withdraw their money via wire transfer. To help them on their journey, Adnium has a referral program that pays 5% of the lifetime of the new publisher’s income to those who refer them. This presents an ideal way to add accounts in addition to regular ad portions.


  • A good level of customer support delivered via email and Skype
  • The self-service platform makes it easy to make changes
  • A referral program that offers a 5% discount on lifetime income
  • Good CPM rates on banners


  • Strict guidelines to follow
  • Minimum payment of $ 100 is high