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In addition, we gathered for you the hottest trends from Barcelona, applicable for anyone in the Publisher/Advertiser game:Audio Ads – The audio advertisements industry is starting to gain momentum and is attracting much attention. Native Ads – The big avid gamers are starting to see more and more competition from small and niche agencies, as well as from Google. Video Ads – Many companies are struggling with with the ever becoming issue of ad fraud, inflicting a major reduce in advertisers budgets. App Installs – Many of the main advertisers had to lessen crusade budgets in 2018 due to ad fraud.

Also, competition is growing to be from Facebook and Google, which entered the incent ads industry. Push Notifications – Double figure market growth every month during the past year, both by publishers and advertisers. Contrary to everyday belief, FPA is used, one way or an alternative, by almost every major brand. What’s more, it’s a much safer way to promote and offer protection to a brand since there’s a clear distinction among the writer’s content material and the whole page ad. Today, particularly with the meteoric growth of mobile ads, full page advertisements codecs has quietly grown into an industry predicted to be worth over $13 billion – with Google and Facebook ideal the pack.

But how is that this impacting publishers and advertisers?Which tools and formats are sustainable in the long run to reach their viewers?Before we start speaking about loyalty in AdTech…. A little bit about Loyalty in Life and BusinessHarvard University performed a study for nearly 80 years YX3hT pursuing the features that results in a good and happy life. What they found is that while good genes and an active approach to life are great, however the happiest 80 years old’s are those who maintained happy and stable relationships throughout their life. As we already know, one of the crucial key facets to maintain such relationships is final loyal across the years – a key think about every courting, both non-public and in enterprise. Even though at the moment it is far harder than it was, we still see, and experiences have proved it that loyalty is a very essential part in company, no matter if if it’s between a corporation and its personnel, or its clients and suppliers.

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