Adjust and ad networks unite against mobile ad faud Adjust

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The group has got down to broaden global standards for fraud detection and prevention, which will be employed by its members for client brands and digital agencies. Each agency in the partnership is dedicating elements or era for fighting towards mobile ad fraud. Any suspicious undertaking detected by Adjust’s filters may be pronounced to the ad networks throughout the available APIs, excluded from billing and as such from analytics. The APIs made accessible by Adjust to networks will supply all the needful data for ad networks to filter, exclude, and get rid of site visitors that effects in rejected attributions.

Paul Longhenry, SVP of Strategy, Corporate and Business Development for Tapjoy said, “As one of the first and biggest purchaser acquisition channels in the mobile app market, we are happy to work with partners like Adjust who’re taking a major stance in opposition t mobile efficiency fraud. Adjust’s fraud prevention tools give dealers peace of mind and transparency into the site visitors they’re buying, and because of the Adjust APIs, agents never pay for fraudulent installs. This implies that fraudulent recreation is rarely rewarded in app, which creates a more sustainable and higher pleasant surroundings for everyone.

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