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The company was the 1st pan European DSP, and has built a name for rapid growth, innovation and making an investment closely in advanced RandD. All three of the company’s fashioned founders are still in touch in management roles and a Series B round of funding for US$5. 5 million was closed in early 2014 followed by a 150 million Danish Kroner US$21. 5 million investment by Danica Pension in late 2015.

In 2018 an IPO was introduced, but canceled due to market situations. Instead of that an external investment of non disclosed amount by GRO Capital was done in April 2019. Adform was based in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Gustav Mellentin present CEO, Jakob Bak current CTO and Stefan Juricic present CPO. The agency was initially founded to deliver ad serving but later grew to become a media agnostic tech vendor focusing on banner advertisements, mobile commercials, and digital advertising. Adform at the beginning concentrated solely on the buy side process and worked predominantly with advertisers and businesses. In 2014 Adform launched its stand alone DMP and in 2015 Adform added additional writer facing solutions by way of its Publisher Edge solution.

Under the banner of its Integrated Advertising Platform, Adform adds an intensive paid media offering for advertisers, organizations, consultancies and publishers. The company makes a speciality of Real time bidding and Programmatic media. When Adform launched in 2003 they were concentrated on proposing ad serving which was supplemented by planning in 2005. These two were the Company’s important focus until 2010 when Adform added Rich Media and initiated a thorough RandD focus. This not only led to a major augment in staff, it also drove the agency’s expansion into new markets and market areas. In 2011 the agency launched its Demand side platform, which was followed in 2012 with a Private Marketplace.

In 2013 the company added a Rich Media DSP and 2014 saw the introduction in their Data Management Platform. In 2015 the agency launched its Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, Supply Side Platform, and Automated Guaranteed merchandise. In 2016 Adform extended with new cross device offerings, prolonged digital out of home and programmatic print capabilities. In 2019 Adform re branded its Advertiser Edge and Publisher Edge choices as the Integrated Advertising Platform and the Integrated Advertising Platform for Publishers in awareness of the industry’s need for more holistic commercials answers. Adform’s dominant product line, the Integrated Advertising Platform, contains a stand alone Ad Server, Demand Side Platform, and Data Management Platform which are also purchased and used as a single holistic paid media platform. 2019 also saw Adform free up a new Creative targeted providing, DCO Pro, its own dedicated cross device answer, and an updated AI answer.

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The mixture of DSP and DMP as a Strong Performer in both Forrester Wave reviews made Adform one of only four advertisements technology agencies diagnosed in both reviews. 2017 also saw the agency become one of the first ads era agencies, and the 1st committed DSP to secure Media Ratings Council accreditation for viewability measurement across Desktop, Mobile Web and App environments for both Display and Video ads. In 2018 and again in 2019 Adform as featured as a Leader in Gartner’s Magical Quadrant for Ad Tech.