Adform Debuts Programmatic DOOH Ad Buying in the U. S. Adform Site

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“We are overjoyed to provide our buyers the means to buy DOOH via Adform DSP. DOOH is poised for extraordinary growth in a better 18 months thanks to automation, data, the increase DOOH ad servers and new attribution functions that prove the efficacy of the media. As a testament to Adform dedication to this space, we’ve made enormous engineering investments to combine with Hivestack’s Ad Exchange which enables Adform’s U. S. buyers to target custom audiences based on region,” said Julian Baring, General Manager of Adform USA.

“I look ahead to evangelizing the price proposition of programmatic DOOH to U. S. based, omnichannel digital marketers and businesses who are already using Adform for other digital programmatic buying. “Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Hivestack commented on the combination: “We are commemorated to have a ideal DSP like Adform integrate with our Ad Exchange. Live campaigns are already taking place that take advantage of this integration. Digital businesses are buying custom audience, vicinity based campaigns using the Adform DSP via a deal ID that was generated in Hivestack SSP and being activated by the Hivestack Ad Server in real time.

Programmatic DOOH is now fully in construction and a reality. DOOH ad tech agencies have eagerly awaited courtship from electronic DSPs for years, and with Adform’s direct integration with Hivestack, that day is here.

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