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Your daily update on the TikTik saga: Kevin Mayer is out as global CEO after a mere four months on the job as the agency grapples with political turmoil and govt scrutiny. The ex Disney exec cited a couple of issues that contributed to his swift departure, adding that a main draw of the job for him was the worldwide aspect of the role, The New York Times reviews. And since TikTok has less than 90 days to sell its operations in four Western markets, adding america, that role just got a little less global. TikTok North America GM Vanessa Pappas will take over as interim global head.

Oh, did you believe that was all?CNBC reviews that Walmart is teaming up with Microsoft in a bid for TikTok. Looks just like the retail giant is still drawn to video after promoting off Vudu in April, and thinks it can leverage TikTok’s ecommerce integrations. And!The Information reports that SoftBank wants in on a TikTok deal too. S4 Capital’s MightyHive has got Brightblue, a UK based consultancy focused on data, analytics and predictive modeling in the advertising space. Brightblue’s 25 person team will become a part of MightyHive’s currently introduced global data follow. Under S4, MightyHive has been on a shopping global spree, scooping up small firms concentrated on data, size, analytics and systems integration in key markets.

S4 has already merged four businesses under the MightyHive brand since acquiring it in late 2018, including Latin America based Digodat, Korea based Delicious Data and UK based ConversionWorks. And, apparently, Sorrell doesn’t have to travel far for foreign growth – all he has to do is open up his Rolodex. Brightblue’s CEO is ex WPPer Michael Cross. This is the 14th company S4 has obtained in a bit of more than two years.

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