Adding Bing Yahoo Ads To Your Marketing Mix

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What I will encourage you to do even though is to inspect the Bing Yahoo Ad Network we actually offer a $50 Bing Yahoo Advertising Credit for you to get began. So why center around Bing Yahoo advertising, but not SEO?Competition. I’ll come up with an example. It’s no secret that one of many key amenities we provide is SSD Hosting. One of the keywords we promote on both AdWords and the Bing Yahoo ad network is actually “SSD Hosting”.

On AdWords our common keyword rank for “SSD Hosting” is 4. 6. Our common rank on Bing Yahoo is 1. 3. Here’s the kicker; we spend lower than half per click Bing Yahoo ads versus AdWords.

So not only are we paying less for key phrases, we’re also rating higher as well.

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