Adcash Review: Can You Make Cash There?

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With their easy to use platform, that you could run, manage, analyze and handle all your campaigns in one place. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up your campaign and also you can choose from alternative ad formats including Pop Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Display Ads. Plus, Adcash gets around 200 million ad requests daily from their exclusive supply and 200+ relied on RTB partners. Well, Adcash’s engine tracks the user’s possibilities while they browse the internet, mostly through cookies.

When the information is stored, and after a certain threshold, the user could be labelled as having interest in a specific topic. Obviously, the tool is probably more complex than that, but that’s one of their technological secrets I guess, since they own and operate all the technology they provide. The other magnificent function they give and deserves a unique point out that early in the review, is their CPATarget bid type, that is a dynamic and automatic CPM bidding type, where you let Adcash know your CPA goal, setup a tracking and let the system do its job. It’ll find converting segments for you, focus on them and immediately stop/lower the bidding on non changing or too expensive ones. Now, if you’ll run your campaigns with CPM or CPC, I still recommend letting Adcash track your conversions with their pixel, so you’re capable of track your campaign’s performance. If which you can configure monitoring and particularly if the give you run has an action to track an action signup, download, set up, acquire…, then that you can use the valuable CPATarget bid type for full automation and the one effort you’re left with, is setting up the crusade oh wait, I forgot to point out they have got a campaign duplication tool!.

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That being said, make certain you first configure the tracking if you go for CPM or CPC, but if you go for CPATarget, the great thing is that the crusade advent wizard will ask you to decide on between three monitoring strategies, namely Global Postback URL S2S – a single setup for all of your campaigns, Campaign HTML pixel – one pixel per campaign very old and inaccurate monitoring method, and Hybrid HTML pixel – works like Global Postback URL S2S but is implemented to your “Thank you page” source code.