Adcash Ad Network Review : compare CPM rates, earnings, payment methods and minimum payout vs alternative networks

Publishers now be able to selected between EUR or USD currency money owed. The minimum threshold if you want to request a charge is 25 USD/EUR, and bills can be requested via Paypal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney and Bitcoin. For wire transfer, the minimum request threshold is 100 EUR/USD. In the month after this amount was met, the fee is submitted to Adcash price proof department.

Validated payments are made on a NET +30 schedule, which leaves a month among the approval and the payment. In all cases, users are advised to confer with the ‘price request’ feature in their account to get a concept of their likely payment date. No fees are utilized to chickening out funds from a wallet, even though each charge terminal may apply its own fees. For example, PayPal typically costs 3 5% commission on any quantities loaded onto their platform. For users wanting to select the wire transfer option, Adcash applies a €3,000/$3,000 limit on any withdrawals.