Adcash Ad Network Review 2020

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Adcash Ad Network Review 2020 1

Adcash Ad Network Review 2020

Adcash Ad Network Review 2020 1

Adcash has carved a niche on the World Wide Web and the world of ad networks as the best BPS ad network. This organization began running again in 2007. Today, this network has become one of the largest networks reaching more than 196 countries in the world, serving about one billion advertisements for more than 200 million users. It has more than 150 thousand publishers and 3,500 actively running ad campaigns.

Adcash is a company based in Estonia. It has an extraordinary and extraordinary support team of more than 100 employees who inform all customer problems, thus providing constant assistance. This also gives publishers certain control over how their ad is displayed so that they can control it through the dashboard.

Who Can Join Adcash?

The answer is ANYONE, from the publisher to the advertiser to the normal user but certain criteria must be met before joining as an advertiser or publisher.

The first and foremost requirement is to enter as a publisher to display third party advertisements. To do this, someone must have a site. This site is not limited to certain languages ​​but may not support inappropriate content such as pornography, adult content, etc. One must read the terms and conditions before entering as a publisher.

Benefits of Joining as an Advertiser

Advertisers have mass reach and that too in lower periods and at lower costs. Nearly, 150k publishers work with Adcash, making it easier for advertisers to display advertisements on a CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL or CPV basis.

Adcash is one of the best ad networks. Here are some of the amazing features from which users benefit:

  • Multilingual Site:

The Adcash website is supported in 8 different languages ​​namely Chinese, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian, making it easy to use. Therefore, website accessibility is increasing.

  • Dashboard:

Adcash provides users with dashboards through which ad campaigns, ad units, and other useful tools are tracked and handled. Payment info can also be seen and that too in real time. This dashboard is offered in 8 different languages ​​mentioned above.

  • Customer Support:

Adcash provides specialized managers as soon as you are approved with AdCash. Skilled and fast employees from the support team keep the publisher’s query as well as the advertiser’s response and respond most quickly.

  • Report:

Real time statistics can be seen from this section on the dashboard, and someone can even get statistics sent by email to their email id.

  • Payment:

Two different payment methods that are often used by advertisers are credit cards and PayPal. Adcash follows the NET-30 payment scheme for payments to publishers they receive at the end of 30 days. A threshold value of 100 Euros is set, and it can be withdrawn via WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and PayPal.


Adcash has become a powerful tool for blog monetization. Both advertisers and publishers have benefited from it by becoming a publisher to display advertisements while advertisers get a higher amount of money from sales.