Ad Tech Trends that are Rocking the Industry Perion

Sure, programmatic is not always new – but how is it altering and what is going to it look like a year from now?First, a definition: programmatic advertising automates the technique of buying and selling ad space. It’s taken off in the electronic world, is growing on mobile and will soon be gambling on TV. Analytics vendor Clearcode blogged: “Figures from eMarketer state that mobile programmatic ad spend will surpass computer for the first time. ” Martech consultant says: “the focus will shift from addressable TV to actually programmatic, attached TV. We’re already seeing cable operators like Sky, US based ATandT and Charter offer their own OTT streaming facilities that supply live and on demand TV content via the cyber web with out a set top cable box.

”Programmatic grew in sync with the rise of ad networks and marketplaces. The latest wrinkle is header bidding – a complicated topic with simple consequences: it helps publishers make extra money from ad inventory. You can read how it really works on DigitalAdBlog. The quick explanation is that header bidding lets dealers get bids from distinct ad networks simultaneously in place of sequentially that’s defined in Digiday. It is transforming into effortlessly, going mainstream, and a higher step is server side header bidding. ExchangeWire says: “Header bidding is revolutionising electronic commercials… By moving the container off the user’s browser and onto the issuer’s server, publishers could make use of tried and tested applied sciences to minimise complexity, improve ad nice, and optimise the user event.

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