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The boom in ad tech in this decade is most mentioned in the number of market entrants using automation technologies, also known as ‘programmatic,’ to facilitate genuine delivery of ads campaigns to any attached device. The proliferation of ad tech businesses begs the query: with so many companies coming into the gap, what is going to the industry structure appear to be in the long run?We were curious to know what trends can be extrapolated from the life cycle of ad tech firms and the typical ad tech sector in common. What we found is that the future of programmatic commercials looks very promising, but only for a only a few firms. We predict that an more and more well defined panorama is coming into focus for as more ad tech firms, unable to obtain long run balance, exit the industry. The majority of ad tech agencies are “stuck in a sub scale state,” combating against barrier to achieve scale if they don’t have it by now, they aren’t likely to get it at this late in the sport.

There are a few reasons these agencies have not accomplished scale – loss of product differentiation, late entry, lack of focus, poor execution, lack of true generation, and so forth. Any one of these factors guarantees low profitability, as their presence in an ad tech firm creates an inherent lack of ability to serve high volume customers or allure high value valued clientele. The companies left might be the ones who have excelled in these fundamental areas: scale, differentiation in product and provide or demand, and technological ideas that supply optimum value for his or her valued clientele and advances the evolution of programmatic industry KPIs general. About Archie SharmaArchie is presently Director, Corporate Strategy at OpenX, a global leader in programmatic advertisements. Archie is passionate about aiding people in all points of understanding where the ad tech industry is heading. At OpenX, Archie focuses on company advancement and defining/executing a variety of strategic tasks.

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Archie’s background as a strategy consultant; both internally for a Fortune 65 generation agency and externally as a Management Consultant where he advised Fortune 500 valued clientele has helped him tackle complex problems and latest simple solutions using fact based method. Archie also holds two US patents in the field of desktop learning and predictive analytics, and is fond of making companies function more efficaciously.