Ad Networks’ Bots AdCombo

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Because we have no choice. Mature marketers know well that in any period of time there are always bots within site visitors bought. But if this site visitors brings conversions – you must put up with bots. Do you bear in mind our manual related to “Making your first money on sweepstakes offers with redirect.

com”?So, as it was exemplified if so, I had to put up with bots day-to-day. Thousands of identical fake clicks could be seen day by day, however the conversion was good, the profit was good, so I had to put up with bots’ presence on an everyday basis. I am completely critical. You can ask any top marketer whether there are bots and trash site visitors within his flows of bought site visitors. He would reply: “likely, there are, but it doesn’t disturb me really”.

Last but not the least. Remember, even if you have got succeeded in clearing the traffic from bots and real shoppers are coming to your landing – there is a high possibility that the cheap adult site visitors, which has been purchased from adult ad platform for a very low price, is being sent to your landing. Never consider the ad systems’ advertisements and gives you. ONLY TESTS will show the presence of real clients within your flow. No other twists and turns, analytical amenities, friends’ feedbacks, associate managers’ advice and etc.

will show the real image. Only checking out and evaluation with the assistance of trackers.

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