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How do we rid the industry of the ills that plague us?Mike Shehan, CEO, SpotX, has a few ideas. Writing solely for ExchangeWire, Shehan adds a list of actions buyers must take to assist reward good industry behaviour and minimise ad fraud. We all bear in mind the scene from Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise’s character, in a true act of desperation, begs Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr, to ‘help me will let you’. After months of failed negotiations, Jerry and Rod are In the plexus of site visitors first-class, brand safety, ad fraud, fake news, and transparency, the more the industry fuels the conversation, the more it seems it’s creating a rod for its own back.

ExchangeWire speak with Marc Goldberg pictured below, CEO, Trust Metrics, about where advertiser duty sits among all of the noise, where he explains that we mustn’t hand over, but we must collectively improve best practices. ExchangeWire: Are Google and Facebook doing enough to fix the issues following their Transparency and trust are two of the biggest complications plaguing the online commercials industry today. Andrew Susman pictured below, vp, New York, Empower, talks about how a newly formed consortium of commercials specialists has been formed to tackle these issues head on. ExchangeWire: The Advertising Transparency and Trust Forum has lately been formed and met quietly in March at the UN, meeting again the beginning of June. Why was this forum based and what are the goals you’re ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up to date analysis findings from around the world, with extra insight offered by Rebecca Muir, head of analysis and evaluation, ExchangeWire.

In this week’s edition: GDPR misconceptions; Consolidated ad fraud; and State of marketing automation. GDPR misconceptionsAlmost three quarters 72% of UK retailers either cannot answer, or incorrectly list, the necessary conditions to fulfill GDPR General Data Protection Regulation necessities for ‘opt in’ consent, finds research by Mailjet. With under a year to go prior to the With the electronic landscape in China coming up at lightning speed, many abroad advertisers have concerns about brand safety, fraudulent site visitors, and viewability. China’s unique electronic atmosphere presents challenges that have often led to misconceptions for agents preparing to spend ads dollars, creating a need for the local retailers to supply transparency by setting up local standards, writes Kelly Leung, VP, agency business, iClick Interactive, in the newest instalment from the China Expert series. Many in the industry see local standards as being How is mobile affected by ad fraud?ExchangeWire spoke with Gavin Stirrat, dealing with director, Voluum, and Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate both pictured below about what mobile ad fraud feels like; how severe the difficulty is; and Voluum and Pixalate’s new partnership to minimize fraud at the pre bid stage. ExchangeWire: It’s been well publicised that ad fraud may have cost brands USD$7.

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2bn £5. 6bn in 2016 – how much of this may be attributed to mobile?Gavin Stirrat, Voluum: It is extremely difficult to In this weekly section, ExchangeWire sum up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia Pacific region – and in this edition: Teneo buy Asian communications agency; IAS add nine Asian languages to brand safety tool; SpotX are looking to bring transparency to Indonesia; WPP agency launch e trade practice; AU agency WiTH function under Isobar Group; SPH rebrand content advertising unit; and Network 18 join Times writer network. Teneo buy Asian communications agencyGlobal consulting firm Teneo have received Ryan Communications, a Fraudulent site visitors has been around for ages, and continues to be perpetuated with the expansion of online advertising. As Rich Kahn pictured below, CEO, eZanga explains, advertisers need persevered education and generation to tackle this neverending problem and cast off this issue to improve performance. ExchangeWire: eZanga’s Anura has been a very long time in the making, what were the using elements for the development of this platform?Rich Kahn: eZanga started as an advertiser buying traffic, but what we were buying It may seem paradoxical, but data alone is not adequate for Asia Pacific dealers to ensure their data driven campaigns can be a hit. Increasing center around such tasks has overshadowed the necessity for creativity; and this can lead patrons towards ad blockers, cautions Ben Maudsley, Exponential Interactive’s Asia Pacific and South Africa handling director.

He also advises marketers to adopt care in deciding which data they need to use to power their campaigns. In this QandA with ExchangeWire, Maudsley and Tyler Greer, Exponential’s Asia Pacific and ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up to date analysis findings from around the globe, with additional perception provided by Rebecca Muir, head of analysis and evaluation, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Optimising against ad fraud; Content in the event you least expect it; and Snapchat ad engagement. Optimising in opposition t ad fraudCampaigns that are optimised in opposition t ad fraud see a 0. 3% fraud rate, compared to a 4.

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9% rate for people that are not, according to Integral Ad Science’s latest ‘Media Quality Report’. The report also finds that 6.