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We select them in combination and automatically explain why. We think it is no secret to anyone that these traffic resources have many benefits and both of them are practically the most ones in terms of volume and great. Starting from the social networks FB, IG, МТ, Snapchat, etc. can generate a ton of leads/daily and ending with the context and search advertising of many networks, including the biggest – Google actually, has more site visitors than anyone.

It’s getting harder and harder for a amateur first of all these traffic assets each year. Endless bans of accounts, tough moderation, the fight in opposition t algorithms and AI, pharming are the complications you face with if decide to work on a grey hat offers. But, if you triumph over and systematize your work processes, that you could adapt to many endless changes. You won’t find a higher source. Which verticals to run?Practice shows that just about any vertical can be run on this form of traffic.

Among the premiere are nutra, sweeps, gambling, finance, dating, installs. If we talk about Europe, then having a bet, playing and dating might be in good demand with such an viewers, because the solvency of this section is much higher. In the spring summer period, dietandweight loss items also are favorite. In accepted, it is challenging to say which vertical wouldn’t go into the frenzy, each offer can figure out in another way at certain websites. You won’t keep in mind without tests but completely try it. Now there is a trend towards a “new” format called Native Ads.

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In fact, these are an analogous teasers, but they are natively put and merge with the content material, which in turn saves users from “banner blindness” and certainly impacts the conversion. At least it is defined like that. In fact, in many new networks, the condition differs. It’s not difficult to distinguish usual teasers from “native” ones. At an identical time, where the description of the format corresponds to reality, that you may really notice a serious distinction in the conversion rate, but the price of such advertising is far higher. According to the small tests of our associates, this format showed a very good bring about some networks, CR was similar to social traffic, but at an identical time its price was significantly lower than for FB traffic, for instance.

In the near future, many push networks plan to roll out this promoting format, so remember to pay consideration to it.