Ad Exchange Platform Zeropark Introduces Push Ads

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Until now, Zeropark ad trade had provided its customers three types of commercials formats: full page pop ads, parked domain redirects and in app ads. By introducing Push Ads, Zeropark is now vastly increasing its stock allowing advertisers to add to the advertising and marketing mix a new, highly effective channel for attracting and keeping clients. And with over 300 million users already subscribed via publishing sites, with the creation of Push Ads, Zeropark is now set to become the realm’s largest carrier of push advertisements. “Opening our gates to push commercials is a turning point for Zeropark as it easily and effortlessly enables electronic sellers to reach remarkable functionality,” said Mateusz Drela, Zeropark’s Managing Director. “Moreover, beyond assisting push ads, we are actually also becoming their biggest carrier for sale, with a database of over 300 million opt ins.

Last but not least, as push ads are inherently native to users’ pursuits and since users are in full handle of their subscriptions, our answer is fully GDPR compliant and guarantees bot free, high nice traffic. ”“Invalid site visitors and ad fraud are still one of the crucial most daunting challenges in the ads industry. Codewise leverages both manual and automated bot filtering in addition to third party answers to provide our clients with the best quality site visitors,” said Dr. John Malatesta, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Codewise. “Our funding in Push Ads enables digital marketers to circumvent ad fraud and obtain unheard of levels of scalability. By fitting the world’s largest service of push commercials, Codewise maintains to fuel its exponential growth, which has already introduced our agency a wide popularity as one of the quickest turning out to be era companies on the earth.

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