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See the usual story in Japanese. Some readers who participated in our neighborhood events since we began up our enterprise may recall Youngwook Ko. In those days, we regularly held pitch events at a co operating space placed in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. He had based his hobbies then in Roppongi and sometimes dropped by our events.

20 years ago, Ko came to Japan by himself from Korea when he was just 20. After operating at a TV station, he centered his agency called Rocket Staff in November of 2010, taking up cross border app development between Japan and Korea while coordinating app marketing or acting as a reporter introducing Japanese tech trends for a Korean IT concentrated TV program. The firm’s consultant works include chat and photo sharing app Peppermeet and ad based user engagement app AdandJoy. Ko contacted us again in a long while. twenty years has passed since he came to Japan and he told us that he has embarked on a new adventure before reaching the age of 40. At age 40, fitting free from hesitation According to Ko, Rocket Staff’s business has still been doing well.