About Skimlinks Industry Leader In Affiliate Marketing Solutions Skimlinks

Sebastien is the Chief Executive Officer at Skimlinks since 2018. He joined Skimlinks as Chief Revenue Officer in 2016 and brings over a decade’s experience constructing and growing to be generation start ups in Europe, the UK and the US. Prior to joining Skimlinks, Seb led overseas growth, operations and, subsequently, the US at Struq, a UK based retargeting begin successfully got by Quantcast in 2014. Sebastien is fond of constructing great generation agencies: he also is on the board of London HQ ed MentionMe and Paris based DoLead, 2 VC backed businesses in the martech space.

Sebastien began his career founding a commence in Berlin and working as an analyst for XAnge, a Paris based VC investing in Europe and the US. Seb is an avid reader, long distance runner, gin cocktail drinker and amateur classical piano player.

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