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The European Parliamentary Research Service EPRS adds complete analysis and analytical help to the Members of the European Parliament, its parliamentary committees and the European Parliament as an entire. The EPRS philosophy is to deliver unbiased, objective and authoritative information. We aim to provide a complete analysis and evaluation means of the kind to be present in many parliamentary democracies world wide. We always try to evolve our merchandise to best meet the purposes of the Members of the European Parliament. What suits their needs today, may be of low value for them tomorrow.

Nevertheless, in this website you will come across certain average merchandise that experience proved especially helpful across the years. Each of them has a corresponding tag and treats a subject in a unique way. The Policy Department of the Directorate General for External Policies, which adds the European Parliament’s authentic bodies with professional tips, evaluation and advice. They organize policy advice, briefing notes, speaking points and oral briefings for the President, as well as advice notes and analytical files at the real request of Committees or Delegations. Where necessary, the Policy Department commissions reviews by exterior experts.

They also publish all European Parliament Fact Sheets on External Relations, and perform the guidance of delegations and conferences. The Deputy Secretary General DSG, who is guilty for legislative coordination and planning both within the Parliament and with regards to other Institutions, particularly the Council and the Commission. In conducting these tasks, the DSG is assisted by the Inter institutional Relations Unit and the Legislative Planning and Coordination Unit and also is guilty for the Classified Information Unit. The DSG’s services assist the President and the Parliament’s governing bodies with briefing and history notes on precise dossiers and tactics, prepares the preliminary draft agendas of plenary sessions, in addition to other files with regards to strategic programming, corresponding to on actions of the Commission and the Council. GlobalStat, a project of the EUI’s Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation aims to offer the best available gateway to statistical data. It is well obtainable, intuitive to use, and free of charge.

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In just three clicks it offers data from 1960 onwards for 193 UN nations, five continents and 12 political and neighborhood entities – adding the European Union – collected from over 80 foreign assets. The project, presents data as different as income distribution, water substances, housing, migration, land use, food production, foodstuff, or life expectancy, which contributes to a more robust understanding of the interrelations among human living situations and globalisation trends. Europa is nu in 2 kampen verdeeld, de ene wil altijd de zomertijd, de ander wil altijd de wintertijd. De een klaagt over ochtend depressies, de ander over avond depressies. Welnu, waarom niet gewoon het hele jaar door het GEMIDDELDE van zomer en wintertijd nemen Zo is iedereen tevreden.

Dus gewoon komende maart de klok een HALF uur vooruit en dat voor altijd zo laten staan. De EU en massief Afrika is immers een zeer brede tijd zone. Die kan dus wel wat nuance/bijschaving gebruiken qua precieze tijd. Er zijn verder meerdere tijdzones op de wereld die een half uur verspringen met de buur zone. Groet, DaltDear Sir or Madam, I’m Lohan BERRIAU, a french student in International Trade. As part of my reports, i have to do a research and a presentation concerning the ENGLISH biological greens sector.

I was brooding about if that you can share with me some suggestions about this topic. For instance : – The supply of biological greens– The biological greens production– The evolution of intake– The main organic greens eaten– The countrywide creation of biological vegetables– The import of organic vegetables– The distribution channels of those vegetables– And every usefull assistance about this topic. Thanks for in view that my request. I am looking ahead to listening to from you.

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