Aanwijzing is: understanding and purpose in the process of procurement

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Aanwijzing is: understanding and purpose in the process of procurement

Aanwijzing is understanding and purpose in the process of procurement

Aanwijzing is a term that is currently probably still rarely heard by many people because of its own language is not from Indonesian, but from Dutch.

However, for those whose work is related to the procurement of goods or services or commonly called procurement, then this issuance will definitely be very familiar to their ears.

So, what is Aanwijzing? Let’s discuss completely through the explanation below.

Understanding and purpose of aanwijzing is

So, Aanwijzing is a term of Dutch which means indications, instructions, assignments, recommendations, preparations, etc.

If we connect to the world of product or service products, then Aanwijzing is a process in terms of the selection of product providers of goods or services that are done by a team or procurement officials and carried out the fastest for three days during the announcement to be able to clarify documents or procurement of goods products or service.

In Aanwijzing this will contain information related to job details or projects to be tendered. For this reason, Aanwijzing is one of the most important and mandatory processes followed by each auction participant.

If there are participants who do not follow the Aanwijzing process, then the participant will be more difficult to understand the procurement of goods or services that will be followed.

As a result, it is possible that they cannot fulfill the procurement documents of goods or services that have been announced because of the error of the explanation carried out in the Aanwijzing process.

In a provision of aanwijzing, in general the explanation that will be expressed by the auction committee is to include substantial things, namely the scope of work, the selection method, requirements and also the procedures for submitting supply, administration and technical documents, budget costs, work reference framework (Sis ), etc.

If when administering the explanation will change the contract plan and or change specifications, and or drawings and or the total value of the HPS, then it must previously get the PPK approval before it was ultimately poured in the Adendum procurement document.

If it turns out that PPK cannot agree to the presence of changes, the ULP can deliver KDP’s objection to PA or KPA so that it can be decided further.

Well, based on the explanation, every prospective provider should not ignore any Aanwijzing activities that have been scheduled by the auction committee. By participating in Aanwijzing activities, each auction participant will be easier to fully understand the substance of the procurement document and also the various changes in it.

As one of the efforts to complement the understanding of what is meant, then you must also look at the minutes of Aanwijzing in order to anticipate any possible explanation that is crucial and may be missed when carrying out Aanwijzing activities.

Ignoring or not attending Aanwijzing activities can be fatal for prospective providers. Because, it is likely that they will be dropped as auction participant and is considered unable to accommodate various things that have been agreed upon in Aanwijzing even though substantially submitted proposals are considered good.

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Simply put example is as follows. In a procurement document provided by the auction committee it has been explained that the deadline for an income is from day and May 16, 2009 at 1pm.

However, at the time of Aanwijzing, it turned out that there was a change in the deadline for the agreed upon documents, namely on the same date but the income ham was accelerated to 11 noon.

PT ABC companies that have fulfilled various requirements and supply documents compared to other auction participants turned out to ignore Aanwijzing activities, and they also did not really pay attention to the Aanwijzing news that had been prepared by the auction committee.

Well, because in it it still refers to auction documents that cannot be updated with the news of explanation or aanwijzing. So the company entered the submission of the submission of almost two in the afternoon, which meant they were rejected because the income had exceeded the previous hour updated to 11 noon. That way, they are considered fallen by the committee.

Well, based on a simple illustration above, then a consultant should no longer ignore Aanwijzing activities. In order not to be exposed to trivial problems that can lead to fatal losses.

So, based on the meaning and example described above, we can draw the conclusion that Aanwijzing is one of the most important stages in the tender process for the procurement of goods or services. When carrying out the task to ensure the availability of goods and services, the Aanwijzing process is one of the things that must be and must be done after the tender participants have been successfully established.

Things agreed upon owners and tender participants in aanwijzing

The Aanwijzing process is held so that there is an agreement or consensus between the owner and the tender participants. Some of the agreed things are as follows:

1. The scope of project work is explained in the process of Aanwijzing

All participants must understand the scope of the work followed in the auction. This is done in order to measure whether each of these participants can provide or do the work.

2. The selection method in the Aanwijzing process

The organizers in this case determine the way chosen by the auction participants who will later qualify. This method will usually be discussed first by all committee members up to PPK officials or decision-making officials.

3. How to Submit Bid Documents

The offer document in the e-procurement will be uploaded by the participants on the web that has been determined before. Generally in it will be listed and date and also the deadline for uploading bidding documents. Participants who upload the file exceeding the time limit that has been listed will be eliminated automatically.

4. Completeness of the attached document for the aanwijzing process

All documents used as general requirements must be uploaded. This will show that participants have fulfilled the proposed requirements.

Aanwijzing evaluation method

Later, the organizers will evaluate all documents that have been submitted by the participants. The company who has passed the selection will then enter the next stage.

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Some things that can abort participants

Later, the organizers will seek deficiencies or detailed weaknesses that will be able to abort the participants. Because, in general in procurement only one winner will be selected.

The type of contract will be agreed upon

In general, there are two types of contracts that must be agreed upon, namely the Stakes of Procurement Contracts and Fixed Procurement Contracts. Stakes of Procurement Contracts is a contract that details all terms and conditions for each procurement project. The cost of making this contract is generally inaccurate and will result in other outgoing costs.

Fixed Price Contract is a contract that has a fixed price where each participant will agree on providing products of goods and services with the previously set contract value. These costs are outside of equipment costs, material costs and also labor costs.

Value value, time period and project guarantee

The organizers must be able to determine the validity period of the contract that is only natural or commonplace and can be fulfilled by the participants. The value of this value is determined by the offer from the participant or agreement between the participants and the organizers.

Participants must look for guarantors who are able to spend money on guarantees. Generally, they will be asked for help by the bank in the local area by requesting a document called a guarantee letter.

Other conditions in the aanwijzing process

In this case, each participant must pay attention to other conditions, such as the request of goods or services with a minimum of certain quality. This is done to avoid participants from abortion or disqualification.

What if you pass the tender but it’s not present aanwijzing

If there are participants who passed the tender and were invited to the Aanwijzing meeting but were not present, then the participant would usually be disqualified. Even some organizers have applied blacklists for participants who did not attend the meeting intentionally. Although of course this depends on the policy of the tender organizer.


Based on the full explanation above, we can conclude that Aanwijzing is one process in the process of procurement. This process is held only to clarify projects that each participant wants to live and also provide opportunities for organizers to carry out the selection process in more detail.

However, this process of procurement must certainly be done with good management, one of which is financial management. Why? Because in it the organizers must be able to make the right budget to carry out the process.

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