A WordPress Online Shop Plugin That Can Make It Easy For You

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A WordPress Online Shop Plugin That Can Make It Easy For You

A WordPress Online Shop Plugin That Can Make It Easy For You

Are you looking to create your online store in WordPress? For those of you who cannot create websites, you might find this a difficult problem. But is that so? The answer is, no.

With the WordPress online shop plugin, creating an online shop website will be easier. You don’t have to build everything from scratch.

Choosing the right eCommerce (online store) plugin is very important for your business because, with a better platform, you have more opportunities to grow. Many people end up losing money because they don’t do their research properly when choosing an eCommerce platform to start their online store.

In this article, you are going to take a look at one of the most popular WordPress online shop plugins: BigCommerce. But before that, there are a few considerations before you choose the right plugin.

Considerations Before Choosing a Plugin

Before choosing an online shop plugin for WordPress, there are a few considerations that you should think about:

• Payment gateway support: Your eCommerce plugin must have support for the payment gateway of your choice, either by default or by extension.

• Design and customization: The design of your online store is the first thing your customers will notice. So, make sure the plugin provides several templates and flexible options in customization.

• Application and integration: make sure the plugin provides integration with third-party applications such as email marketing services, CRM software, accounting software, etc. You need these applications to more efficiently manage and grow your business.

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• Support options: make sure the plugin provides support and assistance services.


BigCommerce may be a fully hosted eCommerce platform that gives seamless integration with WordPress. This allows you to use a scalable eCommerce platform while using WordPress to manage your content.

BigCommerce has solid plugin integration in WordPress – making it super easy to embed your products in WordPress. BigCommerce will automatically create login pages, shopping carts, accounts, and other important pages for you.

Some of the advantages of BigCommerce include:

• High scalability: includes all the superior features with a high level of security, good performance, and easy scalability.

• No need for frequent maintenance: with a stable system, you don’t need to perform maintenance too often.

• Sell across multiple channels: You can also use BigCommerce to sell products on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

• No transaction fees: unlike some other plugins, BigCommerce is transaction fee-free. You will only pay when using a third party payment gateway service.

Meanwhile, BigCommerce also has several drawbacks:

• Limited integration: BigCommerce integrates with all popular third-party applications. However, their app-store is still growing, and you probably won’t find some less popular apps.

• A mobile app that still has many shortcomings: BigCommerce can be said to be quite late in launching their mobile app (launched on 12 November 2019). Currently (February 14, 2020) their mobile app rating on the Google Play Store is relatively poor (2.5 out of 5).

BigCommerce is a versatile and easy-to-use platform. You also don’t have to worry about security, performance, or when looking for extensions for SEO and caching.

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