A pamphlet is: understanding and difference with leaflets and brochures that must be a marketer to know

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A pamphlet is: understanding and difference with leaflets and brochures that must be a marketer to know

A pamphlet is understanding and difference with leaflets and brochures that must be a marketer to know

A pamphlet is one form of marketing content that is currently very rarely used. Besides the pamphlet, there are also leaflets and brochures, but have you know the difference between these three forms?

Besides designers, a marketer must also be able to know the difference between the three, so that the form of the desired content can be realized properly. For this reason, on this occasion, we will provide a complete understanding of pamphlets and also differences with leaflets and brochures.

The definition of pamphlets is

A pamphlet is one of the marketing media. Pamphlets are sheets of paper that are packed with interrelated ways between one and others and have no covers or volumes.

Generally, pamphlets have complete information related to a product or service. Even so, the information in it is generally only educative. Reporting from the Graphics Pri page, the pamphlet is a marketing media that focuses on product information or services provided, benefits, and examples of its use.

Generally, pamphlets are more intended to be able to increase someone’s awareness related to something, whether it’s products, services, events, etc. In addition, the pamphlet also has a more interesting design and is made of good paper. The size of the pamphlet is the amount of A4 paper which is printed back and forth without volume.

Pamphlet characteristics

One of the characteristics of pamphlets is offering a product or service. In addition, pamphlets also use short, solid, and clear language, and it is easier to understand by every reader.

The pamphlet also uses a more persuasive language so that it can affect every reader to want to do things like those in the pamphlet, for example buying products offered in the pamphlet itself.

The information listed in it is also actual or related to new things or up to date. The contents of the image and pamphlets are also clear to be able to facilitate readers to understand the intent of the contents of the pamphlet.

Pamphlet destination

There are at least three main purposes for pamphlets. The first purpose of the pamphlet was made to provide educational information to its readers, such as the pamphlet about the world of education, as well as promoting good schools.

The next purpose of making pamphlets is to be able to promote products, such as promotional pamphlets, which are certainly to market products in a company. The last purpose of the pamphlet was made to be able to attract everyone to be captivated by the contents of the pamphlet itself.

Benefits of Pamphlet

Some of the benefits of pamphlets are to be able to appeal or give a positive invitation. In addition, the purpose of the pamphlet is to provide advice, information, remind it, and also provide information related to the impact of something.

Type of pamphlet

You need to know that pamphlets are divided into three parts, according to the type and purpose. Some types of pamphlets are as follows:

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1. Government / Community Service Pamphlet

This type of pamphlet is usually used to provide information on surrounding communities, such as local problems, local regulations of election pamphlets, etc.

2. Education pamphlet

Educational pamphlets are used to provide information to students and students related to science, mathematics, technology, and other supporting materials.

3. Cultural pamphlet

Cultural pamphlets are the latest pamphlets that berate geographic data, population, demographics, statistics, etc.

Pamphlet size

Here are some of the measures of the pamphlets in general, among others, namely:

1. A3 (297 x 420 mm)

A3 is the largest and most widely used pamphlet size. However, the printing cost is more expensive than the other size. This type of pamphlet is perfect for conveying very much information.

In addition, this type of A3 pamphlet can also be customized with several types of folds to reach a lot of space.

2. A4 (210 x 297 mm)

A4 size is a very standard size contained in most home or office printers. This pamphlet is often custom in various sizes because it has a space that is ideal for promoting a product.

Generally, this size is most printed with a large and small quantity, both digital printing or offset printing.


A4 size is also very suitable for trade shows and leaflets placed in stores or businesses to be able to highlight the benefits of a product.

3. A5 (148 x 210 mm)

A5 is a half-size of A4 size and this size is the size that is most widely used in very much quantity because it is very flexible. Although this size is small enough to enter into a pocket, the information that can be placed is quite large.

A5 size is also often used for pamphlets that are given directly in certain places and trade shows.

4. A6 (105 x 148 mm)

A6 is the same size as the postcard size. This type of pamphlet with the size is generally used to disseminate information that is not much, given the limited space given.

The message you want to deliver must also be brief and to the point. Even so, the A6 pamphlet is also increasingly popular as a flyer that is placed in a particular package to promote additional products or services from the seller.

What is a leaflet?

Reporting from the Examples page, Leaflet is a print media that has writing with pictures and information made in the form of ordinary leaflets and also not recorded. But generally, leaflets do not have images and also contain more writings.

The images inside are only used for sweeteners or simple decorations. Already many people use leaflets for promotional media because they are very easy to make and do not have to use complicated designs.

In addition, leaflets are also cheaper, so they can save expenses for marketing media. Leaflets are also often equated with Flyers, even though Flyers generally use a paper smaller size.

The meaning of the brochure

The brochure is one of the promotional media that is often used by the company. This is because the brochure can provide detailed information related to a product or service. In addition to educational information, brochures are also able to provide information related to a product on a product.

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Brochure design is also generally made more attractive, such as booklets, and also made from a more interesting material. Not only using a piece of A4 as well as pamphlets and leaflets. It is aimed at every prospective buyer who can be more interested and also knows complete information related to what is offered.

Brochure characteristics

The main purpose of making brochures is to promote a company, business, products, services, entertainment, events, places, etc. The brochure must be made as attractive as possible so that the readers want to see the contents of the brochure thoroughly.

Generally, the form of the brochure can be folded into two or three parts, even some are more than that. In terms of design, brochures generally use more colors, infographics, and images with shiny media to attract many readers.

The most easily found brochures in various places are crowded and placed on the store shelves or can also be provided by SPG or shopkeepers themselves.

The difference between leaflets, brochures, and pamphlets is

Most of us are still many who have not been able to distinguish pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures. This is due to the form in the form of paper and also has the same objectives, namely providing extensive information and distributed it to the public.

However, there are some differences between all three. First, in terms of quality design, paper, mold, and also the size between the three. Second, pamphlets and brochures generally tend to be made more professional and printed by printing companies. Third, leaflets can be printed themselves because they can be made very simple.

How to make brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets

The process of making brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets is almost the same. Everything must begin with designing, if you don’t have enough design skills, maybe you can use online design applications that have provided attractive design templates.

After that, you just print it on paper media and adjust it to your needs, whether it is for brochures, pamphlets, or leaflets. When you have printed, then you just spread it.


Thus the explanation of us about pamphlets, and the difference with brochures and leaflets. With this article, it is expected that you already have a sufficient understanding between all three and are no longer wrong in distinguishing or wanting to make one of them.

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