A Longitudinal Analysis of the ads. txt Standard Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference

Programmatic advertising provides electronic ad buyers with the comfort of purchasing ad impressions through Real Time Bidding RTB auctions. However, programmatic promoting has also given rise to a novel kind of ad fraud known as domain spoofing, wherein attackers sell counterfeit impressions that claim to be from high value publishers. To mitigate domain spoofing, the Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB Tech Lab announced the ads. txt basic in May 2017 to help ad buyers verify authorised digital ad dealers, as well as to promote average transparency in programmatic advertising. With admire to halting domain spoofing, we examine that over 60% of Alexa Top 100K publishers that run RTB ads have followed ads.

txt, and that ad exchanges and advertisers appear to be honoring the simple. With admire to transparency, the admired adoption of ads. txt allows us to explicitly determine over 1,000 domains belonging to ad exchanges, while not having to depend on crowdsourcing or heuristic methods. However, we also find that ads. txt remains to be a good way from achieving its full knowledge.

Many publishers have not begun to adopt the simple, and we examine major ad exchanges buying unauthorized impressions that violate the essential. This opens the door to domain spoofing assaults. Further, ads. txt data often encompass errors that must be cleaned and mitigated before the information is very nearly useful.

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