A Good Advertising Strategy For A Company

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A Good Advertising Strategy For A Company
A Good Advertising Strategy For A Company

A Good Advertising Strategy For A Company

In marketing a product or service so that the brand or company name can be known, Greader certainly knows that advertising must be used by a company. This Greader advertising is usually used to introduce a product to the public or to increase the number of levels of product sales.

Before carrying out advertising activities, usually a company Greader must design a strategy in order to support success and avoid losses for the company. Here are some things to be explained about the strategies that Greaders can apply in your company:

Determine the target consumer

The first step that Greaders should take is to recognize who your target customers are. The product or service that you offer may not meet everyone’s needs. Each product has its own consumer group. Get to know your product and who needs it. Group your target customers based on several factors such as age, gender, occupation, location, lifestyle, and others. This is done so that we can create messages and choose effective and appropriate media for our target consumers.

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Choose the right media

After we find out who is the appropriate target consumer for the products we offer, the next step is to choose the right media. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each media. Each media has the ability to reach certain people very effectively.

The media for advertising is divided into 4:

  • Print advertising – one of the popular but traditional advertising media. Newspapers, magazines and brochures are included in this type of media.
  • Broadcast advertising – advertising media that is very effective for conveying messages in the form of stories. The message delivered is in the form of audio or audio-visual. Broadcast advertising consists of media such as TV and radio.
  • Outdoor advertising – this media is quite effective to convey messages to many people. This media can be seen by many people because it is located in public places. Some outdoor advertising even looks striking. Examples of this media can be banners, banners, advertisements on public vehicles, and advertisements on road poles.
  • Digital advertising – digital advertising is a new medium for the world of advertising. Using internet technology, products can be marketed online and reach many people.

Arrange messages that match the product identity

Make a unique and strong identity for the products you offer through branding activities. How do you want consumers to see your product? What identity do you want consumers to identify with your product? Answering questions like that will help in the formation of your product’s identity.

Next, arrange the message that you want to convey to the target consumer. The message that is compiled must be in line with the identity of your product. Components such as logos, colors, or slogans must also be considered in this regard.

In addition, Greaders also need to know the condition of the product in the market and what type of message is appropriate. Has your product just appeared on the market and want to be introduced to many people? Do you want to increase company sales? The answer to this question can determine the type of message that suits your purpose. The message can be informative or just a reminder.


Always review the progress of your advertising activities. Perform periodic evaluations to get optimal results. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out what plans or strategies the company should use next. If the initial strategy used shows poor results, the company can replace the strategy.