A Flash Sale Is A Marketing Strategy To Accelerate The Purchase

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A Flash Sale Is A Marketing Strategy To Accelerate The Purchase

A Flash Sale Is A Marketing Strategy To Accelerate The Purchase 1

A Flash sale is a term used by the marketplace or the website of the online shop to hold a flash sale at a certain time. This term was probably already very familiar to our ears.

Flash sale is claimed to help the sale of products owned businesses is rapidly depleted and sold in the market. So, already a lot of the large companies that use this strategy.

Even so, some people still not understand the term flash sale, to it on this occasion we will focus more on discussing the flash sale.

What is a Flash Sale?

In bahasa Indonesia, the flash sale is the sale of lightning. Therefore, a flash sale is a discount or promotion offered by marketplace or e-commerce in a short period of time and also the quantity is limited.

Generally, the discount is contained in the flash sae is very high and the promotion is more significant than the discount or promotion usually. Stratagem time and also the quantity is very limited to make the prospective customers become increasingly interested to buy the products sold at that time.

How To Flash Sale Can Help Grow Your Business?

Flash sale can be one of the effective methods to reduce inventory quickly, and also to change the negative habits to be positive in the period of time relatively short. Sell the goods consistently is indeed a thing that ideal, however, plan inventory and adjust the purposes of the right customers almost felt impossible.

News agency of English origin, Reuters, reported that during the holiday shopping season in 2012, the retailers e-commerce that uses flash sale strategy experience product development two times faster than on an online retailer that does not use this strategy.

Flash sale will also be the best way to be able to sell a variety of items that are out of season or for products that cannot be sold too long. This will make the operational costs and inventory to be lower.

Flash sale is also able to provide a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. Flash sale to put Your store on the initial page of a website of e-commerce and of course it will increasingly expand the visibility of your products and Your store.

In addition, the flash sale is also able to offer an opportunity in informing the customers about the product and also the value proposition in it.

Why Use Flash Sale?

Sales system like this, not forever could be used, because the system is only used in this particular moment only. One of the biggest reasons clear to give you an advantage in business. This advantage not only can they get from manufacturers, but also from retail companies and consumers.

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Often times, the products are sold in a flash sale can be discharged in a few minutes. Why? because the enthusiasts of this product very much.

To apply it is quite easy. However, the most important thing is to choose the product, first calculate the discount will be given and the quota or the stock of products that will be sold during a flash sale. So, from these components will be visible margin that can be obtained by a business.

Select the products to be sold when the flash sale should be highly considered. Research is needed in the market so that the product can actually required by consumers. So, flash sale was able to succeed in a time that was already targeted.

Some of the advantages in the following program flash sale, among others, is:

1. Strategy To Increase Sales Turnover

The first advantage that can be obtained when the following program flash sale is able to maximize the performance of the online store in terms of sales turnover. Sell the goods at discount prices certainly will be more enjoyed by the consumer.

However, You should still pay attention to the margin so as not to incur a loss.

2. An increase in Transactions from a Diverse range of Consumers

With our flash sale, then You have the opportunity to increase the number of sales transactions with various consumers. It will affect the status of Your store, so that You can have a predicate that store well. If you already have the predicate of a good shop, then sales activities will become easier.

3. Shop Online The More Well Known

While there are a marketplace great program held a flash sale, there must be many thousands of users are looking forward to it. The time of gathering the consumer this is the perfect time to display a profile of your store. if you’ve selected in the flash sale, then the name of the store you will be very broad.

Deficiency Flash Sale

If we look from the side of the manufacturers or retail company, flash sale almost has no shortage of means. But from the consumer side, usually they will have some obstacles when there is a program flash sale, namely:

1. Promote Your Flash Sale

Spread the information or teaser related flash sale in a variety of sales channels, from social media, e-commerce website to a chat application. Cantumkanlah such information is complete, such as dates, hours, and on what channel is it on a flash sale is held. Do promotions periodically to be able to improve Your prospective buyers.

2. Select the Right Moment

Reports flash sale at the moment of the particular right, such as Harbolnas, payday, or the feast of eid and christmas. Why? because in this special day consumers will tend to buy in large quantities. In addition, also select the most appropriate time, You could figure it out by looking insight or analytic on social media, or on other platforms.

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3. Give a Time Limit Short

To increase the fear of running out of items and motivate customers to make a purchase as soon as possible, then give the restriction a short time. Generally, a web marketplace only hold this event for 2-3 hours. In addition, remind you also of Your customers to turn on notifications in order not to miss.

4. Select Products that are Much Sought after

Before holding a flash sale determine the first product that You sell. Choose your favorite products or the most sought after by customers or new products to the marketplace becomes more and more customers are interested in.

5. Prepare Stock Products

When determining the product, then the next You must prepare the stock of the product. Analysis based on the sale or flash sale before, how many total purchases of these products, this is done to determine how much the amount of stock that must be prepared.

In addition, suapkan also the packaging, so that when the flash sale already finished, You can directly complete the transaction and send the money.

6. Calculate Profit Margins

In the event of a flash sale, every consumer wants to get the cheapest stuff with good quality. For that, set a competitive price that can compete with the business or another online store. But, avoid installing too high a price.

A Few Things To Note

If it can be done with the right, then the e-commerce site to ordinary can take advantage of flash sale strategy. There are a few things to keep in mind in doing this technique.


Flash sale is an opportunity for businessmen to maximize profits. With planning and the right strategy, then the flash sale can run smoothly, even able to help a business or company in reaching new customers.

You can do a flash sale with a wide range of platforms, selling online of Your choice on the website of the online store or marketplace. So Your business is growing and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the service Froggy Ads, You can start to advertise Your products, so that later You can increase the visitors on the portal of Your online business. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help You control all campaign Your product. help You target marketing target You want and gives You plenty of options to market Your product.