A Decade of Commitment to a Better and Freer life

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In 2012, items ended up different on the electronic assistive technology market place. Higher-excellent and useful units to accessibility personal computers and mobile equipment by persons with specific requirements had been a exceptional breed. A relative of a single of our founders required a much better solution, igniting the spark for an innovation, and we before long realized we could make a actual variance in the business. At the finish of the very same yr, we offered our idea to the Tikoteekki Finnish Interaction and Engineering Centre, element of the Finnish Affiliation on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD). They quickly appreciated the idea, offering us constructive person opinions, and in February 2013, the to start with version of the Quha Zono head mouse hit the marketplace. The journey from plan to product was brief, for which we humbly thank our initially customers.

From community to world-wide

Immediately after studying the world wide market place, it soon grew to become clear to us that the similar innovation was wanted in other nations around the world as nicely. Sales were being rather modest till we attended an international truthful in Europe, in which the Zono mouse promptly got everyone’s notice, paving the way for gross sales in Germany, Italy and other marketplaces. We then understood the value of networking, in which we have strongly invested at any time because. At the exact time, we have not neglected our roots in Finland, still the site of our solution advancement and production.


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