A / B Testing As an Easy Tip to Help Your Business

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A B Testing As an Easy Tip to Help Your Business

A / B Testing As an Easy Tip to Help Your Business

A B Testing As an Easy Tip to Help Your Business

Why are customers interested in buying your product? Is it because of the packaging design? Long-lasting guarantee? Or a cheap price? If you want to find out, you can use a / b testing.

A / b testing is a kind of tool to determine customer response and behavior by providing two samples. The goal is to provide an overview of the packaging design that fits the customer. Besides, the message is effective and has a landing page to match.

This method is very easy to do. In business, you must try to know the character of the buyer. Because there is always the possibility that customer tastes will change from time to time. Therefore, a / b testing is very suitable to be implemented.

A / b testing is like you doing scientific research. There are two samples, good and ordinary. When you see the results, you can immediately plan, prepare, and launch the product. Are old products coming back or working on new products.

Then, how does a / b testing work?

1. Try Your Ideas

One time you are faced with a question that contains a dilemma. Eat more after bathing, or vice versa. This question can identify your character.

If in a / b testing, customers are exposed to two variants of the same landing page to website customers with different segments. This is done to compare which variations result in more conversions.

2. Testing with Color

The easiest way to test two different variants is to display different colors. You can test this by giving, for example, blue and red in the headlines of your website.

This trial is needed to find out the conversion rate of each variant. From there you can find out which variant is suitable for your website.

3. Testing with Fonts

There are many fonts available in an application. With a / b testing, you can apply it to a test. For example, you provide a landing page with Comic Sans letters, while at different times, you replace it with Arial.

When you know the results, you can predict whether the website you are running is still interesting or not. Unbalanced conversions make it easier for you to make decisions.

4. Test with Layout

Is the customer having trouble finding the sign-up word? So you could be wrongly placed. Try experimenting with unusual layouts.

You can use a / b testing to fix it.

After all, it could be that after seeing the results, the desire to sign up will have an impact on your business.

Why should you do a / b testing?

1. Provide Customer Convenience

Your business will grow when customers always feel comfortable with the quality of service. One of them is when you get the results of a / b testing.

When the customer is happy, can understand the explanation on your website, and according to what they expect, product sales may increase.

2. Significant Positive Impact

You may be wondering why people rarely visit your website. The answer could be a website design that doesn’t attract attention. So, a / b testing is a surefire way you can use it.

There will be a positive impact not only in the form of changing fonts, colors, or layout but also adding visitors to your website. The slightest difference will inevitably affect the visibility and level of sales of your business.

3. Increase the Conversion Rate

One of the reasons you should do a / b testing in business is to increase the conversion rate. It is not only calculated from the increase in sales of your product but also the number of new customers, visitors who frequently share articles on social media, or subscribe to product promotions via email.

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