3 Tips for Planning a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Promotion

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3 Tips for Planning a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Promotion

3 Tips for Planning a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Promotion

Social media has now become a powerful platform that business owners rely on to do digital marketing. Especially now that the growth of social media is mushrooming and cannot be separated from people’s lives. But this article will discuss specifically about how to plan Twitter marketing strategies that you can apply to your business.

In a business, social media has an important role to disseminate information to users with a very broad scope. For Twitter, more suitable information is given through short content in the form of text which is limited to the number of characters. For example making the latest updates about your business, opinions, questions and polls.

The advantage of Twitter is that anyone can access this social media without having to have an account, provided the account that is accessed is not locked or made private.

Twitter active users are increasing from year to year making business owners look at social media as their marketing platform. However, not many active social media users or business owners know how to use Twitter as a marketing platform. Not a few digital marketing players looking for information about the right marketing strategies through tweets.

Therefore in this article will be explained smart tips to plan a Twitter marketing strategy that you can practice on your business, as follows.

1. Formulate Content Containing Images to Get a Large Number of Retweets

One strategy to expand market reach through Twitter is to get a large number of retweets. To achieve a high retweet number you need to add images with the aim of supporting the text you are about to share. Text-based social media with a maximum number of 140 characters will increasingly attract the audience with additional images included, the information they receive will become even more complete. The maximum number of images that you can include in one tweet is 4.

Social media and traffic research data states that adding photos or images to every tweet you include can increase your chances of retweeting more or up to a percentage of 78%.

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2. Connect Tweet Content with the Website

Creating appropriate tweet content to share on your website is one of the important Twitter marketing strategies and you must do it. If you want to share tweets to a large audience with high engagement, you can use the embed feature to connect to your website. Thus, internet users who access your website can see the tweets on the webpage without the need to open their Twitter account. In addition, visitors can immediately give replies, retweets, likes and favorites from your web page.

3. Explore Other Business Niche that Appropriate with Your Business Through Search Features

You can plan your tweet strategy through the Twitter search feature by finding the business niche you want. From there you can find active dialogs or tweets about certain sectors, for example fashion products. If you want to search around conversations that discuss specific issues, you can choose to use Advance Search. In addition, if you want to interact with users who are in certain geographical areas, you can also do it with this feature.

By knowing the Twitter marketing strategy, of course your knowledge is superior to business people who have not yet taken the insights related to this marketing strategy.

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