9 Online Business Ideas That Make Money Through Blogs

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9 Online Business Ideas That Make Money Through Blogs

9 Online Business Ideas That Make Money Through Blogs 1

The increasing number of internet users has become a potential for business people. By using the internet, you can reach more potential customers and work can be done anywhere. One method that is widely used and has been proven effective is marketing through blogs.

There are various functions of blogs for developing a business, some of which are for educational media, building brand awareness, for sales and others.

With the advantages of blogging in terms of functionality and usefulness automatically provide a variety of ideas for building an online business by utilizing blogs.

The following are some online business ideas that you can do through your blog.

1. Display ad (Business banner advertising service)

It seems that the ad display service deserves to be called “the online business model of a million people” given the number of websites in Indonesia that use this media to generate revenue. However, display ad should not be the main business, considering advertisers tend to want to advertise if web traffic is sufficient. While building adequate website traffic to get advertisements, it takes a long and long time. Froggy Ads on blogs are also included in this business model even though the revenue generated is not as big as display ad.

2. Sponsored Content (Business article sponsor service)

With the level of difficulty in display ad, bloggers can take advantage of content creation services. With this service, sponsorship messages that are advertising can be conveyed smoothly through the content presented in writing. For children now, you must know Hipwee, who always presents content creation with the language of young people and presents sponsored content in a language that is pleasant to read.

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3. Content Writer (Business article writing service)

Many people who want to do business on the internet who do not have the ability to write. Yes, indeed the ability to write must always be trained and must be easy to understand for anyone who reads it.

You can use this capability by opening an article writer service on your personal blog.

4. Professional Freelancers (Professional Service Business)

Nowadays freelancers are the choice for professionals, because there are indeed some people who don’t want their time to run out of work in the office, confused with business meetings and office politics. For professionals who have the ability in the fields of photography, 3d artists, making games, web or software, blogs can help them to publish every idea, concept and their work every day. And automatically bring in potential visitors who need their services from various countries.

5. Product Creation (Business of selling your own products)

Using this product creation business model means that you create your own products to sell on the internet. Crafts, fashion products, can also be digital products that you can produce for later you market through blogs. With a blog you can interact with potential buyers who are interested in the products you produce.

6. Dropship, Affiliate & Reseller (Business sales agent)

For those of you who don’t have a product, 3 online business ideas, dropship, affiliate and reseller, are the choices for marketing products from other people’s brands. If you have enough capital, a reseller is the right choice, but even with a smaller profit the other two models, dropship and affiliate, can be used as alternatives to keep running an online business with little risk.

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7. Online Course (Business online courses)

By utilizing blogs, you can open your online courses by utilizing premium members on your blog. Every member who pays will get tutorial material in the form of PDF or video.

8. Online Marketing (Digital marketing service business)

A digital marketing service is the best way to promote business. And a blog is a tool that you can use to open your services to visitors.

9. Graphic design (Business graphic design services)

Included in the services of this category are services such as making logos, product design, caricature, cartoon design and others. Build visitor interest to order your services with a blog, you will find it easier and more fun to do so.

After successfully getting an idea, then you can immediately start an online business. Basically, an idea will mean when the idea is realized in the form of real action. Just having an idea won’t make us successful, and don’t forget to advertise through our advertising service so you can increase your online business income.