9 marketing terms that are rarely known by many people

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9 marketing terms that are rarely known by many people

9 marketing terms that are rarely known by many people

1. A / B Testing

It is the process of comparing two variations of one variable to determine which one is performing the best to help the marketing efforts carried out to get maximum results. A / B Testing is often done in email marketing (for example on variations in the email subject or copy used), CTAs (for example on variations in colors or words used, and on landing pages (for example on variations in the content shown).

2. Bounce Rate

  • Website Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who land on a page on your website and then leave without clicking anything or going to another page on your site. A high bounce rate will usually lead to poor conversion rates because no visitor is willing to open your site long enough to read the content or convert on the landing page.
  • Email Bounce Rate: A condition when your email cannot be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Email bounce rates are usually caused by your outdated email list or because of a large number of invalid email addresses.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It is a process of increasing your conversions by leveraging design techniques, key optimization principles, and trial and error. Its main goal is to create a user experience that converts visitors into consumers. CRO can not only be applied to a website or landing page, but it can also be applied to social media, CTAs, and other parts of your marketing.

4. Dynamic Content

This is a way of displaying different types of messages on your website based on information about the visitor that you are already aware of. For example, you can use a Smart CTA, this will make visitors see a personalized CTA, making it more relevant.

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5. Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is like a map for content creation, showing you what type of content to create, what topics to cover, who your target audience is, and how often you publish something. By following this calendar, you will be more organized and can have a clearer picture of which (relevant) topics you may not have touched on.

6. Friction

This is anything on your website that confuses, annoys, causes visitors uncomfortable, and makes them leave your website. For example, such as the color factor that makes the eyes uncomfortable, too much text, distracting website navigation, or a landing page that has too many forms to fill.

7. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is concerned with marketing activities to attract consumer attention, make companies easy to find online, and attract customers to visit websites by producing interesting and useful content. By producing content that matches consumer interests, you will naturally attract traffic which you can then convert over time.

8. Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

It is a measurement method used by companies to evaluate the success of employees or the marketing activities undertaken. Marketers look at KPIs to see how far they are progressing towards the company’s goals. Examples of KPIs include the costs required to get customers, blog traffic sources, and the appearance of your website’s home page.

9. Lifecycle Stages

It has to do with describing your relationship with your audience, which is generally divided into three stages: awareness, evaluation, and purchase. What needs to be considered from each of these stages is that not all of the content that you create will be suitable, depending on which stage your audience is at. This is why dynamic content is very useful, because you can present relevant content according to the stage of the audience.

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