9 Ideas sales training to inspire your sales team

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9 Ideas sales training to inspire your sales team

9 Ideas sales training to inspire your sales team

9 Ideas sales training to inspire your sales team

Investing in sales training for sales teams can help them improve strategies and become a more effective sales force. Effective sales are skills that can be learned and refined at any time, from when new employees start working until retirement.

It is important to develop your sales training program to help your team reach the next level. In this article, we discuss nine interesting sales training ideas to help improve your team and help meet your sales goals.

What are the advantages of doing sales training?

Trained sales teams or sales are those who know your products and companies outside inside. They are better able to identify prospects that will result in large returns for companies, which produce more income.

Therefore, investing in effective sales training usually results in a large return on investment. Sales training can help your team sales team for:

  • Develop the skills they need to increase their confidence.
  • Make more sales.
  • Strengthen professional relations with clients and customers.
  • Feel happier and more productive at work.
  • Maintain higher retention rates.

9 Ideas sales training that is worth trying

Here are some exercises and programs that you can consider applied to your sales training:

1. Create a public speaking club

Public speaking is a skill that can be improved by anyone with constructive practice and feedback.

Practicing speaking in public or public speaking can help your team increase their sales offer and proposal.

You can make clubs or extra activities in your company so that your team can practice speaking in public. Public Speaking clubs can meet regularly and assign members to give spontaneous speeches about any topic and then give them feedback.

The idea is to speak convincingly and improve persuasive skills, which can make your team more comfortable by talking without preparation, important skills that must have a sales team when talking to clients and offering prospective clients.

2. Set specific goals when making an offer and give a gift

Produce prospects is very important to generate sales, and offers are important components in finding prospective customers.

Set specific goals for exercise and give prizes to the best players or members. For example, every team member can win points to talk to potential clients for more than two minutes, or for each calling call they change into sales.

It can make offers more fun and encourage your team to think of creative strategies to do they offer to prospects, and this is an important component of sales.

3. Send them to the conference with the assignment

The conference is a great place to network and learn professional skills, but the conference also allows your team to follow what is happening on the market.

Set your team members to attend certain conferences and give them tasks such as talking to many new people or bringing back some potential prospects. These are all useful skills to be developed and practiced by the sales team.

4. Perform potential rejection scenarios

One of the most important skills that a salesperson can have is to handle prospects that reject or have objections to the client.

Each sales process can involve different interactions with potential clients, and your team needs to be equipped to handle them to make sales.

Teach your team to relax and calm down when they get objections or rejection, then think carefully about the best way to handle it.

Ask the turning team members to practice client interactions by doing potential scenarios and then working on the next potential steps together.

5. Create a success/failure report in the training you make

The success/failure report is an important part of the sales process and helps the team to develop. Reports of success/failure analyze why every sales opportunity is won or lost.

Adhering to some very informative success/failure reports and share with your training participants. A recent agreement or loss from high-performance sales staff will contain important lessons that the team can learn.

You can even bring senior team members and high-performance employees to talk to your training participants about their favorite strategies or techniques.

6. Develop the Persona Buyer

While the training program focuses on products or messages, it is also important to focus and build an understanding of the challenges facing buyers.

When the sales team empathizes with the needs and limitations of buyers, they are better able to anticipate potential problems. Develop the buyer’s persona as part of your sales training and use it in your training curriculum.

Encourage your team to exchange ideas about potential questions that buyers may have or challenges that they might face.

7. Practice selling generic products

The most talented salespeople can provide persuasive promotions for almost everything. Ask your team to practice developing offers for generic products that do not have unique features, such as pens or a piece of paper.

See how many descriptors and positive features can be produced by each team member for the item. This exercise can help them use creative thinking skills to attract prospective clients and customers.

8. Play argumentative games

When the buyer puts forward many objections, a seller is at risk of running out of arguments. Ask your team to train argumentative abilities in pairs by taking turns making arguments about your daily object or your product until you run out of ideas.

The last person who spoke won. This exercise encourages sustainable critical and creative thinking under pressure, both of which can help a salesperson to increase supply and negotiations with buyers.

9. Push positive self-talks

Sales or sales power must remain positive. Ask your team members to practice controlling their inner dialogue. Exercise can include saying things they like about themselves loudly or ask team members to say positive things about each other.

You can also ask them to choose their positive affirmations to have in their workspace or repeat them themselves before the meeting.


The sales team is a spear in determining the success of any business, and training is one of the things needed to hone the skills of each sales power.

As a business owner, you must ensure that your sales personnel already know in detail the product or service sold, also you as business owners must provide what they need to continue to produce sales, and sales training is one of them.

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