8 Ways to Develop a Brand Identity for a Businessman

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8 Ways to Develop a Brand Identity for a Businessman

8 Ways to Develop a Brand Identity for a Businessman

When you want to develop a business, what you need to think about is how to create a brand identity that consumers always remember. A strong brand identity will provide a good persona. Tens or even hundreds of consumers will know the difference between your brand and competitors.

It is not easy to create a brand identity that is strong enough in consumers’ memories. It’s not enough just a logo and name, but what values ​​are contained in your brand identity. When consumers get a good impression when they see your brand, you can be sure that your business development will be easier.

Why is brand identity so important?

Trust and credibility is the answer. Consumers, when they see your brand releasing the latest products, will buy without worry. They have made sure that your brand never disappoints consumers.

Besides, the purpose of forming a brand will be seen. For example, a brand identity that you build to protect the environment so that the products are eco-waste. So, consumers do not lose their sense of security when using all kinds of products.

Then, how do you create a strong brand identity? Check out the guide below:

1. Know your target market

Learn what society wants today. Do they need a fast internet network? Do they need quality goods at affordable prices? When you can identify your target market, it will be easy for you to create a brand identity to be liked by the public.

2. Dig a Value Proposition

What makes your product different from the competition? What makes consumers prefer your product? There is a value or value proposition that makes consumers feel educated about your product choices. You need to develop this value so that your business continues to climb.

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3. A clear vision and mission

From the start, you must determine the vision and mission of the brand identity. Where do you want to carry it? To middle class or top class? Consumers like your brand identity more when the vision and mission are clear. You need to make it clear and detailed. When the vision and mission of your brand identity is clear, the selling value of your products will increase.

4. Unique Logo

When you want to develop a brand identity, you also need to think about creating a logo. Why is that? A logo that is easy to remember, simple, and unique adds value to the brand identity. Adjust the colors and fonts so that your design is the best compared to competitors.

5. Attractive Tagline

After creating a logo, you need to think about the tagline. Almost every businessman needs a tagline to introduce it to a wider audience. Examples of catchy and easy to remember taglines such as “KFC Jagonya Ayam” or “Sharing at Pizza Hut”. It doesn’t take a lot of words to create a tagline. What should be noted is how the tagline hits the hearts of consumers.

6. Connect to Social Media

Social media is the best way to introduce your brand. 160 million people in Indonesia have used social media. When you activate social media, that’s when your business will flourish. Grab Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Include an attractive caption and create a visual that makes the reader unable to look away.

7. Manage Brand Identity

After packaging your brand identity into something attractive, you need to manage your brand. Business people usually want to create and achieve maximum product sales rates. However, they often forget that maintaining is much more difficult. Therefore, don’t let your guard down. Always be aware of the situation and update the latest business developments.

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8. SWOT analysis

What you should not forget is to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). You have to understand the strengths of character that lie in your brand identity, understand the weaknesses of your business, keep looking for opportunities and opportunities to match the trend, and know the threats that can be present at any time. For business development, SWOT is needed.

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