8 Useful Video Editing Applications for Business Development

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8 Useful Video Editing Applications for Business Development

8 Useful Video Editing Applications for Business Development

In a marketing strategy, business people try to attract customer attention by sharing unique content. Whether it’s in the form of photos, pictures, or videos. If photos and images, you can use a photo editing application. Meanwhile, if you use video, you can edit it first in a video editing application.

Why is this important?

Video editing applications do a lot. Starting from adding audio, running text, or various special effects in it. Business people may think that using video editing applications is only for experts. Currently, many video editing applications make it easier for users. You just have to add and subtract so that in an instant the video can be shared with the public.

If you look at social media like Instagram or TikTok, it can be seen that the videos presented are unique and interesting. This can happen because they use video editing applications. So, are you interested in using a video editing application? Below are various video editing applications that you can use for business needs.

8 Video Editing Applications for Smartphones

Adobe Premiere Clip

One of the most popular video editing applications used by many people is Adobe Premiere Clip. You will very easily make videos from this application. You can add photos or videos quickly.

What’s interesting about the Adobe Premiere Clip is that the results obtained can be in Full HD. You can use it without a watermark. However, if you are worried that a competitor’s video will be taken, you can add a watermark.

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Cyberlink Action Director

In this application, you are given the option to edit videos from your smartphone. You can combine videos and photos with various filters and transitions. A variety of unique and interesting filters are available here. Even so, to be more unique, you have to pay a certain amount.

Video editing is an easy matter with this application. Everything is in place. You only need to be careful in combining photos and images.

Inshot Video Editor

For those of you who have business products in the form of games, it is highly recommended that you use the Inshot Video Editor application. This application is an interesting tool because it provides a variety of easy features.

Many say that this application is quite classic. However, you can add text and music. There are also 50 filters available. If you want more, you can pay a certain amount.



If you are an Android user, be happy. This application is very easy to use. You can make videos from photos and videos. Then, in the FilmoraGo application there are icons, which include edit, add new layers, add voice-overs, put in titles, choose filters.

Adding transitions is very doable as twenty are available. However, if you want more, you have to be willing to pay a certain fee.

CT Pro

Using CT Pro as a video editing application is something complete. You can quickly do editing, can function like a professional camera, and even stream. Something other applications rarely can. In fact, what is different is that this application offers subscriptions to attract more customers.

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Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush is part of Adobe Premiere. It can be downloaded via the Android or iOS application. Rush offers three video tracks and three audio tracks. The transitions that are presented are quite memorable.


In the world of Android, Kinemaster is the most popular application. There are many useful functions in it. Among them are removing the color on the green background, animating certain images, and giving effects to graphics. You also use it for free.

Power Director

This video editing application is a competitor of Kinemaster. The difference is only in the layers provided by the Power Director. Besides, if you edit videos using a computer, the results will look softer.

From the eight applications above, you can choose and apply in the video. Moreover, each product requires a different approach. So, you have to be observant when choosing it.

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