8 Tips for Effective Sales Strategies for Online Businesses

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8 Tips for Effective Sales Strategies for Online Businesses

8 Tips for Effective Sales Strategies for Online Businesses

Since the pandemic arrived in Indonesia in March 2020, many business people have switched sales strategies. Initially only focused on offline business, now trying to move into an online business.

They switched to online because they saw the lack of interaction between sellers and customers. Besides, Covid-19, which knows how long it will hit the world, makes customers feel more comfortable doing transactions at home. So, it becomes natural if the sales strategy changes.

Luckily, the rapid development of technology makes online business easier. For business people who are still struggling offline, try going online. Capital is minimal but the reach extends to remote areas. This is one interesting sales strategy.

Then, what do business people need to carry out an online sales strategy? Listen carefully to the tips below.

1. Enable Social Media

Nowadays people rarely do not have social media accounts. At a minimum, people have one social media account. Social media choices also vary. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to Youtube.

With so many people accessing social media, you have the opportunity to make a sales strategy among the many social media options. You can do price promotions, introduce new products, or give vouchers.

Organize your content well. Give an interesting photo or caption that makes customers transact with you. Social media is an effective means of a sales strategy.

2. Work on a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king. Customers will transact with you if what you display on social media or interesting websites.

On Instagram, every businessman strives to present attractive photos. On Facebook, it shows the right reviews while on Twitter it shows the captions that are short but compact.

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Apart from social media, you can also make efforts on the website. You can add a link that leads to the blog. In the blog, there is a product catalog. This shows your seriousness in managing your business.

3. Build a Website

Apart from social media, the most important thing in determining an online sales strategy is building a website. From there, customers can see your seriousness in doing business online.

Many business people just create websites. The important thing is there. Whereas from the website, it is not uncommon for customers to make transactions. Customer trust will also increasingly seeing the appearance of the website which is quite attractive.

4. Reach Customers Organically

After you use the website all you need to do is reach customers organically. This can be done when you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Apart from SEO, you can also use SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

In both ways, by placing certain words, customers can easily access the website. So don’t be surprised, you will be flooded with countless orders.

5. Active in the online community

As a businessman who is just starting an online business, you need to reach as many relationships as possible. To do this, you can follow the online buying and selling community spread across any platform.

From there, you can know how to operate a paid online system, understand customer intentions, respond appropriately to customers, and of course new acquaintances.

It could be, from there, that you will not only get networking but also the opportunity to reach a reseller or drop shipper.

6. Use the Marketplace

This sales strategy is currently being used by many business people. The marketplace used is not only locally based but also long-distance.

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Because, in the marketplace, usually customers will be interested in package prices or promos, special services, or free shipping.

You also don’t have to bother because the system is working. Just make sure that the transaction has taken place and that you are ready to ship the product to the customer.

7. Present Customer Testimonials

When a business transaction has occurred, the customer will usually respond. So, you can present a positive response on your website or social media. This is proof that your product is of high quality and has excellent service.

When other prospective customers know and read this, a desire will arise from them to participate in the transaction. Sales strategies like this are very effective, especially to attract newbie customers.

8. Present Easy Payment Methods

There is stuttering from customers if this is the first time transacting online. Those who are accustomed to handing over money directly from hand to hand can now be accessed from thumb to thumb.

This can happen because of the digital world. Make the distant feel close. Because of that proximity, transactions are easier. So, also provide several payment methods according to customer preferences.

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