8 of the best CPM Ads for Blogs besides Google Adsense

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8 of the best CPM Ads for Blogs besides Google Adsense 1

8 of the best CPM Ads for Blogs besides Google Adsense

8 of the best CPM Ads for Blogs besides Google Adsense 1

The top 8 PPC CPM Adsense adsense ads are probably familiar to bloggers who have jumped into the blogging world by monetizing their blogs via adsense. But now I will share how the advantages of other CPM Networks besides adsense. CPM is Cost Per Thousands Impressions in different words a publisher will be fulfilled according to the impressions of the ad display page even though no clicks are recorded.

Do you all have high traffic sites or want to monetize your site with CPM Ads? Here is a list of the best CPM ad networks

You might be chasing the most attractive offer, but CPM Ads are for bloggers who get high volume of traffic. If you show traffic more than thousands of visitors per day, then you can get a good amount of CPM ads. The CPM network doesn’t cost you more than $ 1 to $ 10 per thousand impressions, depending on many factors.

If we are interested in making money online through CPM ads then here are 8 CPM advertising programs that you can consider.


This is another eCPM ad network that you can try in 2016. They offer ads for all types of screens which make it a popular choice & multiple payment options, making Propeller ads an option for bloggers around the world. After that, you need to add a domain You & verify ownership.

The propeller payment method is 30 net payments & the minimum payout is $ 100. They offer earnings reports which is something I’m sure we all love. PropellerAds offers 80: 20% ratio & payment method is Payoneer or Wire transfer. You can create a free Payoneer account here (you will also get a $ 25 registration bonus). They offer all popular ad sizes. Overall, this looks like a strong eCPM advertising network for bloggers & something you should try along with Adsense.

Conversant Media

Conversant Media is a popular name in the advertising industry & they offer monetization for Websites, mobile optimized sites & also mobile applications. They are the same company behind the popular call affiliate network comis iJunction & one of the trusted CPM-based ad networks that require 3,000 impressions per month to get an approved blog. They even have different sizes and types of ads such as CPM networks. The minimum payout is $ 25, and they pay via check and PayPal. Click value media are alternative.


Adnow is a native ads ad network as an alternative to AdSense which is one of the ad networks with several advantages including:


Payclick is the best alternative adsense ppc ad network to be the number one choice among other ad providers. They offer several advantages for publishers:


BuySellAds is a market for buying and selling advertising space on websites and blogs. In essence, you only provide place or space (space) ads on your blog in accordance with the agreement and criteria that have been determined.

But BuySellAds has certain criteria, one of which is that blogs must have high traffic. Well, if your blog traffic is not enough you should get the best alternative adsense lyrics.

BuySellAds provides fairly high profit sharing, which is around 75%. Payments are made through Paypal every 2 weeks, without the lowest limit.


Infolinks displays advertisements that match your site’s content. Infolinks converts certain keywords from your site’s content into ad links and you get paid for every click made on these ads.

This is also the best adsense alternative. The best tips to increase your income from InfoLinks is to not place many links on one page, make 6-8 InfoLinks per page and you will definitely see some good results.

Infolinks payment system can be via Paypal, Check and Bank Transfer but only certain banks. To ensure that local banks can receive Infolink payments, it should be confirmed directly through the relevant bank.


Bidvertiser is an alternative to Google Adsense with the Pay Per Click category. Besides being paid for each Bidvertiser ad on your website, you will also get extra money for each conversion through advertising.

Bidvertiser has various ad formats, most of which are the same as adsense ads, including:

As well as other standard ad formats that are exactly the same as adsense ads. Bidvertiser ensures that only the ad with the highest bid will be displayed on the site and blog.

Bidvertiser sends payments to its publishers via Check, Wire Transfer, and Paypal. You can receive payments immediately after reaching a minimum payout of $ 10.


Clicksor offers the opportunity to earn extra income by using textual choices or contextual banners on your website or blog. Still the same as the other best adsense alternatives that this type of advertisement can be targeted.

Terms for registering Clicksor

Clicksor uses the rate for each payment type of ad posted by the publisher, as below:

The minimum payment limit is $ 50 via check or PayPal. For income of more than $ 1000, payment using Bank (Wired) and Clicksor will incur an administrative fee of $ 75.

Well, that’s a list of the best adsense alternatives for 2016 that are worth trying. Once again google adsense is not the only option to produce unag from the internet through blogs.

If you are creative and generate high traffic on your blog, then the adsense alternative above can be the right choice.