8 important tips for making attractive packaging designs

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8 important tips for making attractive packaging designs

Even though the product or service that you sell in business may be the most important factor in determining brand success, product packaging design plays a big role in the success of sales and can even affect the way consumers view the product itself.

Therefore, it is very useful to dedicate a lot of time to create and choose the design that best represents the brand and your product in a way that suits the target audience.

Here are eight tips on how to choose an amazing design for your product packaging.

1. Understand your target market

Understanding whom you sell products may be the first step in designing effective packaging designs.

There are various questions to remember, such as whether your target is dominated by men or women, where they buy products, what information they consider when searching for products, how packaging affects decisions, and more.

These questions will affect the color palette, packaging form, and other elements.

2. Choose a reasonable packaging for physical products

It is important to choose packaging that suits where the product will be sold and what products are in it. Some products, such as glass or liquid goods, may require a little extra protection to ensure the goods to the consumers are intact.

This might involve a package or bearing that is more durable in the inside of the packaging. Consider the size and shape that can be packaged easily and suitable for these products and where the product will be sold.

3. Clarify what you sell

Packaging design must convey clearly what the product is and may not display misleading information or images. If you use images, use images that describe the product accurately.

If you sell organic coconut milk, non-transgenic cereals, or clothing with friendly materials with the environment, explain these details, because they can distinguish you from competition. The package design must convey the value of what is in it.

4. For packaging it is easy to open

Packaging that is difficult to open can cause customer confusion and can even lead to product damage in it.

It can also damage the product reputation and reduce the possibility of repurchase. For packaging it is easy to open, both the ‘torn here’ tab or the cap is easily played. If the product requires a little extra security in the package, explain the open method or consider giving instructions on the packaging.

5. Consider what it looks like in the store

Think where your product will be sold and remember the variables that depend on this location. Ask questions on yourself like how many packaging will be visible, the font is what is the most obvious from the point of view of the consumer, what colors and designs will stand out of competition, and more.

If you sell your product online and in various store locations, consider the design that can be adjusted between channels or fit well on each channel.

6. Create a versatile package design

Versatility is important in terms of packaging because this allows the design to be changed slightly based on variations of your product, whether it’s a different shoe style, a taste of new food, or other variables that might require a little color change or design.

It is also important that the package design can be changed to fit the product in it. As mentioned, versatility can also help while selling products on various channels.

7. Select the appropriate material

Packaging material must maintain the form of product, freshness, and product quality as a whole. Unique ideas can include packaging that can be reused, origami packaging to make interesting shapes, and more.

Also, consider what is important for consumers, because recycling and sustainable packaging has become a more prominent and desirable aspect and can increase sales.

8. Invest on quality design elements

Packaging is often the first impression of a product, so it is important to attract consumer attention in a positive and easy to remember.

Investigate enough time and budget for professional designers, quality printers, editing software, and other elements to produce sharp and amazing designs that can’t wait to try by customers.

Benefits have a good packaging design

Although many manufacturers think that products and performance are the most important aspects of their brands, many do not know that packaging can play an important role in the sale of your product.

Simple just: humans are far more interested in beauty than functionality. Considering this, product packaging aesthetics becomes almost as important as the product itself. This is how to have a good packaging design can improve your business:

1. Improve brand visibility and customer interest

Having a creative brand packaging design gives your product what we call “the existence of a shelf”. Nice packaging is interesting and prominent from competitors, encouraging customers passing to choose your brand than their brand.

Your packaging also communicates the information needed about the company: from brand messages to contact information. By giving a good first impression, you make sure that your audience receives your brand message easily and clearly.

2. It helps specify your brand’s identity

Good packaging must explain your brand. Although overall packaging is responsible for the first impression of your product, packaging must also consistently reflect the identity of your brand.

For example, if you are a natural organic brand, your packaging must use natural colors and environmentally friendly packaging to keep it in line with your brand’s identity.

This consistency helps your brand easier to remember by the public, and an easy introduction will encourage consumer loyalty to your brand, increase sales in the long term.

3. This protects your product

Although the aesthetic design of your brand packaging must be a focal point, great functionality is also important.

It is very important for customers to accept well-packed products, because products that are not well packed are considered cheap and inferior, and worse, can turn into a nightmare on your business customer service.

Good product packaging must meet the basic requirements to protect your product without sacrificing anything aesthetically, so that your customers feel that you have taken special actions to ensure that they only receive goods with the best quality of your brand.

In short, good packaging design is more than just placing your product in the box, it builds a relationship between your brand and consumers, which is well done, can skate your brand to the peak of success.


Product packaging has many important functions. Now, are all troubled packaging? The answer is quite clear. No!

Packaging is a need for various kinds of daily products. As a result, more innovative and attractive packaging, reusable, and sustainable created every day.

You can use environmentally friendly packaging materials to ensure that your product packaging does not endanger the earth and tell consumers that your brand also supports the Go Green movement and minimizes plastic use.

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