7 Ways to Write Product Descriptions to Increase Conversion Rates

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7 Ways to Write Product Descriptions to Increase Conversion Rates

7 Ways to Write Product Descriptions to Increase Conversion Rates

A well-written product description has the power to propel your customers through your sales funnel. By incorporating product creativity and benefits into your product descriptions, your store will be more likely to generate better conversions.

Indeed, most consumers make purchasing decisions based on product photos. Meanwhile, product descriptions can help fill in the gaps to determine whether or not a product is a good fit for consumers.

By educating consumers about the main benefits of the product, the advantages it offers, and how the product can solve problems, your product description can help you get more sales, lower return rates, and build customer trust.

What is the Product Description?

A product description is a copy that describes the features and benefits of a product for consumers. The goal is that consumers have enough information and can encourage them to buy products immediately.

To write a product description that converts, you need to write copy that persuades customers to buy. What problems can your product solve? What will consumers get after using your product? What sets your product apart from other products on the market? Your product description should be able to answer these questions in an easy to read manner.

The product description you write must be honest and transparent. Saying your product is of high quality even though there are a lot of complaints about it will lower the credibility of your brand.

Being honest also doesn’t mean mentioning all the shortcomings of your product, but focus on the advantages it has. For example, if the strength of the product lies in the design, emphasize the appearance of the product when describing it.

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How to Write a Product Description?

Here are 7 tips for writing product descriptions according to Oberlo:

1. Do not copy other people’s product descriptions

Do not use the manufacturer’s product description. By writing your copy, you can avoid being penalized by Google for duplicating your descriptions. Plus, you can increase your chances of generating conversions when you write your product descriptions.

2. Easy to Read Quickly

Your product description should be easy to read. With two sentences describing the product and a few points, consumers can receive information more quickly so they can buy your product immediately. If you sell laptops, for example, you can change the specifications into bullet points for easy reading.

3. Know Your Product Character

If you sell products that are funny or weird, like weird sweaters or jewelry that are shaped like food, you can add a sense of humor to that. Your copy should be cute and light, because consumers who buy this type of product will be more than happy to see an entertaining product description. However, humor may not be effective for other normal products.

4. Optimization of your product description

The easiest way to optimize product descriptions is to use a tool like On-Page SEO Checker on your online store. Use keywords that are relevant to the product. For example, you sell makeup brushes, so you need more specific keywords like “unicorn makeup brush”, or “mermaid makeup brush”.

5. Tell us about your product

This story can be in the form of reasons why consumers need the product, how the product can solve their problems, the benefits of the product, or simply a unique story that can attract the attention of your consumers.

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6. Perform Trial

Don’t forget to test your product description. Test different types of formats, sentence lengths, word choices, and so on. Trials will help you find the best version of your product description, so that you may end up with better conversions.

7. Check the Spelling of the Product Description

Read your product description to make sure there aren’t any typos. You can use a tool like Grammarly to avoid spelling mistakes. Typing mistakes will only make you look unprofessional.

Focus on transparency and trust. If you care about your audience and respond well to them, your credibility will automatically increase.

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