7 Types of Video Marketing Content Suitable for Small Businesses

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7 Types of Video Marketing Content Suitable for Small Businesses

7 Types of Video Marketing Content Suitable for Small Businesses

According to Forbes, 90% of consumers say that video content can help them make purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, 64% of them said that watching videos made them more willing to buy. Forbes also reports that businesses using video marketing managed to increase traffic by 41% more than businesses that didn’t.

From this, we can agree that video plays a crucial role in marketing, and you need it. But what kind of video should you make? This is the biggest question small businesses often face when starting out creating video content. Here are some examples of the types of videos you can use:

1. About Us Video

Share the story behind your business. Who are you and what products or services do you offer? An About Us video lets you share a behind-the-scenes story, which is usually an effective way for small or emerging businesses.

2. The Story Behind a Product

Telling the story behind a product or service can engage your potential customer at a much different level. A story behind a product can make your content shareable on social media.

3. Video Ads

Video ads shouldn’t be too long. Introduce your product briefly but still interesting. When placing an ad, make sure you have defined your target audience and have a clear call-to-action (CTA), so they know how to buy your product.

4. Video Quotes

Are you looking for short video ideas to post on social media? Try using quotes or quotes. This type of video takes less time to create. You only need to combine photos or video clips with quotes that are interesting and relevant to your business.

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5. How to do something (How-to)

How-to videos allow you to showcase your skills or strengths. Answer questions you often hear from consumers, or share tips based on your skills. You can also make a video containing a list, or a step-by-step video of doing something.

6. Video Teaser

If you have a blog or other content on your website, try creating a short teaser video to promote it. Also, make sure you enter a clear CTA with a link to the page or blog in question. Video teasers usually highlight the most interesting things about a blog post or other content. Make your audience curious and ultimately want to find out more.

7. Video Testimonials

With video testimonials, you can show concrete proof of the usefulness of your product, and help new customers feel more comfortable doing business with you. While you can interview your customers for video testimonials, there are some easier alternatives, such as conversations on social media or customer emails with positive messages about your product.

How effective this type of video is will depend on the type of business or product you offer. You may need to do a lot of testing to find out what kind of video content is right for your business.

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