7 Tips to Build an Online Business with a Pre-Order System

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7 Tips to Build an Online Business with a Pre-Order System

7 Tips to Build an Online Business with a Pre Order System 1

Pre-Order (PO) is a business model that requires consumers to pay a sum of money first, then the goods will be sent after some time following the initial agreement. This business model is quite popular with beginners because it does not require expensive capital or even no capital at all.

This business model also has several weaknesses, one of which is that consumers must wait relatively long to be able to get the product they bought. However, you don’t need to worry, some of the tips below can help you to achieve business success with a pre-order system.

1. Pay Attention to Product Quality

The PO business model requires consumers to be more patient waiting to be able to get the product they bought. Therefore, make sure the products you sell are of good quality, so that when the product reaches the hands of consumers, they will not feel disappointed. What happens if the consumer has waited a long time and the product is of poor quality? Certainly very disappointing.

2. Vendor Selection

Working closely with a credible vendor, has a good reputation, and has proven its quality is a must for you. Therefore, make observations before choosing a vendor, and compare it with some existing vendors. Observe what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. After that, then you determine which vendors provide the lowest price but still quality.

3. Determine the Sales Target

Without a sales target, then you will not have clear goals, and tend to run in place. Start with small targets first, and increase sales targets gradually. The greater the target you aim at, the greater the effort and resources needed.

4. Determine PO Schedule

Determine the PO schedule at each end until the beginning of the month. This is a fairly effective way to start this business. It was during these times that many people had received payday and started looking for the products they wanted. So do not be surprised if many large marketplaces that also offer payday promos. So make the most of this moment.

5. Record Order

Every order that comes in must be recorded properly and neatly. It is intended that all orders can be processed more regularly, scheduled, and minimize errors. Record everything in detail, starting from the customer’s name, address, telephone number, order details, type of item, size, color, and so on.

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6. Give Strong Reasons to Follow PO

PO products are usually products that are difficult to obtain in the market. This is one of the factors why many people are willing to wait long to have a certain product. You can also give bonuses, offer special discounts, limited edition product stock, etc., to make it even more attractive for consumers to make purchases.

7. Give a Clear Order Flow

By making a clear order flow, you can make it easier for consumers to understand the PO system, so they will not complain about the long product processing time, and so on. Some conditions you need to make, for example, PO opening schedule, minimum order quantity, production period, estimated delivery time, payment system, and so on.

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