7 Tips for Implementing an Effective Marketing Mix Technique

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7 Tips for Implementing an Effective Marketing Mix Technique

7 Tips for Implementing an Effective Marketing Mix Technique

No business world does not need marketing. Because marketing is the spearhead of both online and offline businesses. When marketing stagnates, sales targets are not met. Therefore, to keep your business successful, you need to understand the marketing mix.

Today, the marketing mix has changed. Evolved because the times were rushing. In the past, the marketing mix was known as 4P, now it is 7P. There are additional 3Ps because the technique has been developed a lot.

The marketing mix can be applied if you want to master the theory and implement it in your business. It’s a shame if you start a business you don’t apply a marketing mix. Because, currently there are almost no companies or business people, both with small and large production quantities, that do not use marketing mix techniques.

Please note that the marketing mix is ​​a marketing technique. Therefore, you need to understand your business. After that, you understand the ins and outs of attracting the attention of consumers to want to make transactions. So, provide information that can meet consumer needs.

Then, what are the 7P marketing mix techniques?

Understand them carefully so that you can apply the 7Ps techniques to business properly.

1. Product (Product)

What do you want to sell to consumers? It’s a product. It can be in the form of electronic goods or fast food. So that your product quickly attracts consumer interest, make an original product. This means that your product is not a clone of competitors. Thus, your product will be remembered by many consumers.

2. Place (Distribution Channels)

The failure or success of a product is not only seen from what products you sell but also how to distribute the product to consumers. Choose a distribution channel that makes it easy for consumers to access it. When the product that the consumer wants does not arrive at the last time and in the right place, do not expect the customer to make a transaction with you.

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3. Promotion (Promotion)

What form of promotion will you do? Visiting consumers one by one, using flyers such as pamphlets, placing banners, or social media. All of them can be used by you. Make good use of it. Choose a promotion channel according to your product and also understand the target market. Do consumers like online or offline promotions? Everything, again, depends on you.

4. Price

No less important than the marketing mix is ​​the selling point of the product. Consumers need to get the price they want. Consumers prefer products at affordable prices. To be sure, consumers will choose prices that are more sloping than competitors.

The price that determines whether consumers are interested in buying your product or not. What you need to do is how consumers do not feel disappointed with the product they buy and it fits into their pocket.

5. People (HR)

Working together is the key to whether a business can progress or not. There is openness, warmth, dreams, hopes, visions, and missions that at least can be developed to advance other businesses. If you are a business leader, respect the rights of your employees. Vice versa. If you are an employee, do your part. Thus, a mutualism symbiosis emerged.

When employees are happy with their work, it has an impact on the level of business sales. If the target is met, give appreciation to your employees. A good work culture will build teamwork and build loyalty.

6. Process

The results will not betray the process. The adage is true. Every process undertaken diligently and patiently will yield satisfying results. Not only diligent and patient, consistency in doing business work is something that deserves attention.

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You can’t just get amazing results in a short period. It takes a process and it is valuable not only to the individual but also to the development of your business.

7.Packaging (Packaging)

There is a saying that says don’t judge a book by the cover. This is true, but what needs to be considered is that we often judge a product by its cover. Therefore, packaging is important for your product.

Choose a unique, simple, and elegant packaging. Try to get consumers to look at your packaging in under 20 seconds. From there it will be seen whether consumers are interested or not. Remember, packaging is also an effective marketing mix technique.

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