7 Stages of Resolving Complaints Quickly and Correctly

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7 Stages of Resolving Complaints Quickly and Correctly

7 Stages of Resolving Complaints Quickly and Correctly

Every business whatsoever, business people strive to bring convenience to customers. Starting from product offerings, product packaging, shipping services, to thanks. This needs to be done so that customers can make repeat orders. However, not all business people can present all of them. So, it is not uncommon to receive complaints from customers.

Why do customers complain?

Many things cause customer complaints. For example, product delivery is delayed, the product received is defective, or the product does not match the image shown.

Therefore, it becomes natural for customers to complain. It is not uncommon to complain to the point of issuing inappropriate words that interfere with business development. Worse it can worsen your brand name.

How to solve a complaint?

There are at least seven ways to deal with complaints from customers, which include:

1. Fast Response

No customer is unhappy if you as a businessman give a quick response when they complain. Apart from being a relief for customers, a fast and precise response is good for your product brand. Then, you can give your customers good hopes.

Give a time limit on you or your employees for a maximum of 1 hour, you must respond to complaints. Your consistency in responding to responses needs attention. Do not let customers get responses that span the time.

2. Apologize

The most crucial thing, but rarely do business people, is apologize. Often the word sorry is reluctant to say to customers because of prestige. Regardless of the mistakes that business people make, the word sorry is a powerful word to defuse customer complaints.

However, to maintain brand reputation, business people apologize through automatic responses via computers. As a result, instead of reducing emotional tension but exacerbating the situation. Because what the customer wants is sincerity, and that is genuine, from the businessman to the customer.

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Use your human side. Remember, tilapia shred a pot of milk!

3. Meet in person

Meeting face to face, admitting mistakes, and then apologizing are the attitudes that should be shown by business people to customers. Of course, for the first one, it will be difficult to do if your business is at the company level. However, you can do so. Get down directly to meet customers.

This provides a positive response. Instead of falling, your reputation goes up. The way you respond to a complaint will be seen as a workable solution.

4. Don’t Take Problems on a Private Sphere

Have you ever seen a businessperson suddenly block customer contact because of a complaint? If not, pay attention to social media. Not only a businessman, even a large company level blocks customer contact.

This can happen because business people have personal problems with customers. Business people should be able to distinguish between the realm of privacy and the realm of work. Because it would be a dangerous thing if there was personal intervention in the business realm.

So, this matter got attention. Because customers may not buy the product not because the product is not feasible but because the owner is not friendly.

5. Personalize Responses

The era of information technology has changed the behavior of both business people and customers. It is no longer just a matter of buying a product, but also in terms of responding to complaints. Various online businesses have also implemented a positive response in an automatic form.

This is allowed as long as it provides convenience for customers. So pay attention to the technicalities and contexts such as responding in a spoken tone, including the customer’s name in the reply, understanding the customer’s position when complaining.

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Such templates need careful attention. Don’t let customers feel abandoned so that they create a bad perception of your business products.

6. Allow Negative Comments

This doesn’t mean you don’t respond to customer comments but you shouldn’t delete them. Think of it as your digital footprint. It is also information if the customer also experiences a similar problem. So, there’s no need to ask you.

You need to show a response to negative comments so that the customer knows that you are doing your best to prevent the customer from turning to another competitor.

7. Follow Up

This is the last way to respond to complaints. Follow up to ensure that the customer has successfully resolved the problem. Of course in the ways that you do. Because follow-up is important to what extent the problem will be resolved.

When it’s finished, don’t forget to say thank you and give a call to action so that customers don’t forget your product and remain loyal customers.

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