7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Online marketing has a very high level of complexity. It’s no surprise that many newbie marketers make the mistake of doing it. How about you? Are you having a hard time marketing online and getting poor results?

The following are 7 online marketing mistakes to avoid for you to have good results.

1. Not Sensitive To Sensitive Issues

This is a very crucial point, and many big brands have caught up in this situation. They advertise on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other websites without paying attention to sensitive matters that could offend certain groups or events.

Ads containing ethnicity, religion, race, intergroup, alcohol-induced rape, sexism, violence, and insensitivity to other sensitive issues will only give a bad image to your brand.

2. Don’t Invest in Solutions for Online Marketing

There are many ways to make your business exist in the online industry. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and even a simple blog can help you market your business online. Most of your competitors are probably already using this strategy, so you should too.

3. Sending Unwanted Emails

Most people see their email inbox as a repository for important news and emails. And a lot of times, when you put them on your email subscription list, especially if they don’t register their email, they’ll think of your business as a scammer or spammer – of course, because they don’t know and don’t trust the unknown senders.

Emails from unknown senders are generally thought to contain viruses and unnecessary advertisements. If you put yourself in as the recipient of an email, of course, you don’t want to do anything with the email, or even just delete it.

4. Hire an agency with substandard quality just because it’s cheap

Quality is more important than quantity. It’s important to save money, but being too thrifty could hurt your business. Instead of choosing an online marketing agency just because the price is cheap (with not very good service quality), it would be better if you invest in an agency that provides quality service even though it has a higher price.

5. Not paying attention to data

Data never lies. Data tells everything. All marketing data can guide whether you are on the right track, so never ignore data. Always act according to what statistics say. If you want to impose a marketing strategy but have been unsuccessful for a long time, open your eyes and try to switch to another strategy.

6. Don’t Make Attractive Offers

The internet has provided you with great opportunities by opening up a world of marketing that can be accessed by almost everyone. Why not take advantage of it by making a great offer that everyone can see?

Customers are very important to your business, and it is time to offer them something interesting such as a free product. You don’t need an expensive product, because the most important thing is the impression you give.

7. Not Taking Time for Your Customers

The customer is the core of your business – the backbone, to be precise. Without them, you wouldn’t even have a name in the industry. So, why don’t you make time for them? Simple things like answering their questions and comments on blogs or social media accounts can not only increase traffic on your website but also make consumers feel more valued.

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