7 Most Successful Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

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7 Most Successful Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

7 Most Successful Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

Running a business must be done with high understanding and concentration. If you take the wrong path, it is possible that you will fall into the brink of failure. The risk of failure is always there, but it would be better if avoided or at least prepare some plans to deal with it.

Also applies if you plan to do digital marketing. The term digital marketing refers to sales and promotion activities carried out by utilizing the functions and roles of digital technology. The aim is to attract consumer interest, product branding and introduce a company profile online.

Although it sounds easy, in fact, doing online promotions is far more difficult than word of mouth promotions. There must be a digital marketing strategy that is owned so that the activities carried out reach the target marketing and produce something.

7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

Want a small or large scale business, a strategy must be had when the promotional discourse becomes one of the important projects of the company. If it is related to digital marketing, then this is the strategy you need:

1. Blogging With SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a popular term related to web ranking on search engines. Google as the leading and most popular search engine in the world is able to display tons of information just by typing in keywords.

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As one of Google’s regular users, we certainly want our site’s name to appear first when searching.

Therefore, we need the application of appropriate SEO techniques to become a leading site. How to? Nothing else to learn how to work SEO, including important terms related to it.

  • Backlinks: Links that are on other people’s websites and go to our website.
  • Black Hat SEO: Can be used to improve rankings but unfortunately this technique is prohibited.
  • PageRank: The first algorithm which has now been replaced with various latest algorithms created specifically by Google.
  • Outbound Links: Links that will take you to someone else’s site.
  • White Hat SEO: SEO techniques that are allowed by Google and other search engines.

2. Video Marketing Via YouTube

YouTube is still quite effective as a medium of communication and visual promotion media on an international scale. On YouTube, you can upload interesting promotional videos with their own characteristics. The content displayed on YouTube must be unique that can attract other users to see your video.

The more number of subscribers or viewers, the more popular your YouTube account will be, which will have a positive impact on sales. It might sound easy and fun, but in reality this digital marketing strategy is quite difficult to implement, especially if there is no experience producing good videos.

Video editing techniques and shooting settings must be done as well as possible, so that someone watching will feel comfortable. It can even capture the information that you are trying to convey in it. Before starting video marketing, learn how to get really good at it.

3. Email Marketing

If the number of visitors on your site is quite a lot and some even often give positive comments. Begin to add newsletter navigation in it. It is never too late to use this feature.

Newsletter marketing is a modern feature that allows one to get the latest updates from a site. How to activate a newsletter is also very easy, one only needs to enter an active email address then press subscribe.

When the email address is connected to the web, the latest updates will be sent automatically to the email address. This strategy can be a way of long-term promotion without needing a lot of action. All you need to do is update new and interesting content regularly.

4. Social Media Marketing

Have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media? if the answer is yes, then there is no need to hesitate to use it as digital marketing. You can do promotions or upload new products on social media so consumers can find out faster.

Besides being effective, you don’t even have to pay at all. Just try to keep the number of your followers or friends on social media growing every month so that more people know your brand and product.

If there is capital, you can choose to use advertising facilities offered by social media such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

5. Joining Forums and Communities

One of the skills that must be possessed by a businessman is good communication. Handling consumers and clients cannot be done without that expertise. Similarly, if you plan to enter Facebook Pages, Kaskus and other popular forums and communities. Be sure not to do this after you join the community or forum:

  • Don’t Conduct Promotional Spam

There are many discussion forums that we can search at Kaskus and not all of them discuss products and sales. Some forums discuss lifestyle, work, personal experience and others.

Become a member of a dignified community or forum that respects and respects all members who join. Do not just promote your product in education and health forums especially if the product has nothing to do with these two themes.

  • Don’t Spread Raw Links

When you have found the right discussion forum, try to make others feel impressive with the link you are sharing. Do not spread raw links that the content in it still has many shortcomings and does not even enter SEO standards at all.

Spread the links that have important points so people do not feel sorry for opening your link.

6. Podcasting

Podcasts at first glance are almost similar to ordinary radio channels because they feature many radio stations known as podcasting. The difference lies in the results of his voice. Podcasts are recorded sounds while the radio is published live and usually in podcasts there are rarely commercial advertisements.

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Although it is not yet common in Indonesia, digital marketing through this media is very popular abroad considering the international radio industry has experienced a decline in audience interest. Many people are sure if the podcast will be very popular in the future, given the various themes offered.

We not only listen to music broadcasts, but can listen to sound recordings about politics, economics, business, hobbies, health and much more. If you are interested, you can learn to make your own podcast and even do combinations and interviews with other podcast users.

7. Place Paid Advertising

It’s called a business so nothing is free, making advertising requires a lot of capital, including advertising on a site. But remember, nothing goes fast without money. Time, after all, is money.

For this reason, you can start thinking about creating and placing paid advertisements. Be sure to pay attention to these 3 aspects before placing advertisements namely visitors, budget and commerciality. When all three are successful, the capital you spend on advertising will return quickly and easily through abundant income.

Those are the seven digital marketing strategies that must be implemented by online businesses if they hope that their products and branding are successful in the market. Because there will be no results if there is no effort and sweat.