7 Marketing Mixes You Should Know for Your Business

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7 Marketing Mixes You Should Know for Your Business

7 Marketing Mixes You Should Know for Your Business

Marketing Mix or marketing mix is ​​a marketing strategy that can determine the company’s success in pursuing maximum profit or profit. This strategy uses all marketing tools in the company known as the 7P concept, namely products, price, promotions, place, people, process, and physical evidence. This concept is certainly different from the 4P marketing mix which only has four concepts, namely product, place, price, and promotion. In the 4P marketing mix, the four concepts used seem product oriented. To help you find out more details, here is the 7P concept which will be described in full.

1. Products (Products)

In theory, products are all forms of business results that are offered to the market for use or consumption so that they can meet the needs and desires of the community. If you want to be successful in implementing a marketing mix strategy, you must be able to create and produce a product or service with its uniqueness and quality. That way, your product or service can automatically increase competitiveness in the market.

2. Price (Price)

The price in question is the amount of money that must be paid by your users or clients to get the products you offer. In other words, someone will use the services or buy the products you offer, if the sacrifices incurred (namely money and time) match the benefits he wants to get from the products or services offered by the company. Regarding this point, your focus is on how to make a customer or potential buyer feel that his expenses are in line with what he gets.

3.Place (Place)

This concept focuses on the place or location where your company stands. Where, the more strategic your place of business is, the greater the benefits the company will get. With a strategic location, consumers or potential customers can more easily find and reach your business, making sales transactions easier to occur.

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4. Promotion (Promotions)

This marketing mix strategy focuses on business promotion issues, such as how to market products, what media to use, and so on. Promotion is a marketing strategy that has the following objectives:

  • Identifying and attracting new customers.
  • Communicating new products.
  • Increase the number of consumers for a widely recognized product.
  • Inform consumers about improving product quality.
  • Invite consumers to come to the place where the product is sold.
  • Motivate consumers to choose or buy a product.

5. People

The human resource factor determines whether a company is progressing or not. We cannot deny that this factor plays an important role in making a progress or even a setback for a company. This is why various companies are competing to find the best job candidates, they are even willing to pay more to hire independent job seekers who are experts in finding job candidates for companies.

Related questions, whether the employee has high performance or vice versa, whether the employee is loyal or vice versa, whether the employee can serve consumers well or vice versa will help the success of a service company in the market.

Another important factor in HR is the attitude and motivation of employees in the service industry. Attitude can be applied in various forms, such as employee appearance, the voice in speech, body language, facial expressions, and speech. Meanwhile, motivation will determine the extent to which employees want or like the work to be done.

6. Process (Process)

The process here includes how the company serves the demands of each of its customers, starting from consumers ordering (orders) until finally, they get what they want. Certain companies usually have a unique or special way of serving their customers. As in a restaurant, several restaurants provide “open kitchen” facilities, where consumers can see each process of making the food they order.

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7. Physical Display (Physical Evidence)

The physical appearance of the place of business will explain how the building arrangement of a company is. Does the company use a unique interior, attractive lighting system, eye-catching room design, and so on Companies will certainly realize that the arrangement of buildings in a company will certainly affect the mood of visitors? The interior design that seems messy will certainly make consumers feel a little uncomfortable with the conditions at the company. The building must be able to create a pleasant atmosphere so that it provides an experience for visitors and can provide added value.

To realize all the mixed marketing concepts (7P) above, of course, a good and well-planned financing plan is needed. Journals are online accounting software that can help your business to have the right financial calculations for all business financing needs.

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