7 Marketing Campaign is super effective for Early Stage Startup

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7 Marketing Campaign is super effective for Early Stage Startup

7 Marketing Campaign is super effective for Early Stage Startup

When your startup is in the early stage, there are 3 super effective marketing strategies, namely:

1. Make a lot of news by writing about the founder’s travel articles and introducing your product

When it’s still an early stage or your startup just launched, you are strongly discouraged from starting Google ads / Facebook ads with a marketing budget. Your startup doesn’t need that, but:

– establish good relations with tech media journalists

– Make a blog / article about how and why you built your startup to that stage

a good example is tokopedia, whose founder released a tokopedia blog about their journey from the start up until they got an investment of series B up to millions of dollars to increase Tokopedia’s own publications. The euphoria arising from the article had a profound impact and was a turning point in the success stories of prospective founders to start startups.

2. Make a landing page and subscribe page to get a database of potential early users.

Landing page is a special page that contains information about your website.

If you have already created a website for your startup (yes, make it simple as fast as possible, with a blog, wordpress, etc. you need it) create a simple landing page for potential users to register stored in the database.


3. Email blasting for promotions and tracking user activity.

Email blast is a very powerful marketing tool, the process of sending emails containing information that you have made to all your prospective members. To run email blasts, you can use a third party such as mailChimp, or inHouse, where you provide a script to send email to your member database.

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All links in an email blast usually point to our website and are accompanied by a tracking url to track the activities of users who get our emails. Make sure you know how to measure this activity, or else I will not explain it in the next article.

4. Social media

 With so many Facebook, Twitter, Instagram users, etc., you can easily create an official account for your website to facilitate communication and maintain branding to your customers.

5. SEO

The highly recommended organic and long-term marketing method is SEO. SEO is closely related to the content and articles that are on your website. Make sure on your website there are news and articles that can help your users, it can be about press releases or tips related to your product.

6. Freemium

The concept of launching your website product which is divided into 2 are free users, free users with limited features and premium users, paid users who get more advanced features. The ratio of premium users to freeuser is usually 1: 100 or 2: 100. If your product can generate a ratio of more than 2%, it means that the customer’s interest in your product is very good and you can increase the price of your product regularly.

7. Referral

Referral is a marketing method that uses scripts to track referral code from active member users, to measure how many additional members join our site. Referral agents will get bonuses as in the case of the Dropbox online storage site, every user who successfully references another user through a referral link gets an additional quota of 250-500 MB.

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Startup companies usually operate in the field of technology businesses such as making applications or software which are then marketed through the internet. This startup includes a digital business that is difficult and difficult to carry out. so, to smooth the development of your startup business, let’s advertise using our services. by advertising using Froggy Ads you can increase your business potential with many people and increase your chances of getting regular customers for your business. so first, hopefully this article can be useful for you.