7 Low Budget Marketing Strategies on Social Media

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7 Low Budget Marketing Strategies on Social Media

7 Low Budget Marketing Strategies on Social Media

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest active social media users in the world. In 2020, there were 175,4 million users in Indonesia. Social media currently has a major influence on the growth of businesses in Indonesia. So it is only natural that social media is currently a promising target for business development. With social media, business people can market their products more effectively, the budget spent can be cheaper and the market reach is wider. Before starting marketing, it’s a good idea to know 7 low budget marketing strategies through the following social media:

Determine the Main Social Media

Before determining which social media to use, it’s a good idea to learn first who your target market is. If the target is young people, it is more effective to use Instagram. But, if your target is more general to all circles, Facebook can be the right choice. Try to determine the main social media that you use, for example, your target market is young people, which means you use Instagram as the main social media, and can make Facebook, Twitter, and others as supporting social media.

Define Personality

If you are observant looking at the social media of well-known brands, you will find several different personalities and personas. Some conveyed casually, lots of humor, some were serious. All of that is nothing wrong, but it must be noted that in determining your personality you must match the business you have. If the target is young people, you can choose a relaxed style, but if the main target is adults then serious is the right choice. Apart from choosing the right personality, you also have to do consistent in terms of that personality.

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Content Strategy

Without interesting content, all the things you do with social media will be fruitless. Some explain that “content is king”, so you have to compete to create the best content. If you are not good at writing, you can hire a writer. If the social media you choose is Instagram, the main asset is to have Instagramable photos. For starters, you can use the smartphone camera you have and take some product photos with interesting angles.

Promotion Strategy

Choose the right times and the right moments for promotion. Even though the promo is liked by consumers, you don’t do promos every day. Why? Besides making you get a little profit, making promos every day can also make consumers bored so that they leave your product. To be safer, you can promote implicitly in a useful article or an interesting post.

Create a Routine Schedule

Social media marketing is not a side job that you can leave at will, but it must be consistent. If it is only done once a week, your customers will forget about the products you have. Therefore, there must be a regular schedule, starting from daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Collaborate with Influencers

Social media influencers are people who have social media accounts with a large number of followers and can create and influence all of their followers. You just have to find influencers who are suitable and represent the products that you are marketing. The rate for one post for each influencer usually varies depending on the followers they have, but generally, the price is still reasonable for those of you who have a low budget.

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Establish Effective Communication

After you have done all of the above strategies, the last thing you have to do is establish communication with consumers through social media. With personal interaction, you will get friends and followers who are more careful and loyal to the products you have, it is possible that your friends can recommend the products you have to their friends. This of course can be one of the free promotions that you can get for free. So, don’t be bored to add friends on social media that you have.

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