7 Easy Techniques for Optimization SEO Off-Page

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7 Easy Techniques for Optimization SEO Off-Page

7 Easy Techniques for Optimization SEO Off Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique done to raise the ranking of the website in search engines. There are two types of SEO that are usually applied by website managers, namely SEO on-Page and off-page. In this article, you will find out what an off-page SEO, destination, and an SEO off-page optimization method.

Definition of Off-Page Optimization (Off-Site SEO)

Off-page optimization is the process of creating inbound links (backlinks) in the natural way possible. This “natural” method is important because search engines are getting smarter and more concerned with the user experience. Doing SEO techniques that seem instant or “non-natural” can destroy the reputation of your website.

Although not the only one, but backlinks are the main factors for off-page optimization. Like a bridge that connects the internet world with your website, backlinks can help you increase the ranking of the website. Usually, the number of backlinks that you have can affect how search engines assess your website’s reputation.

Maybe you are wondering, how many backlinks are needed to raise the ranking website? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer, because the ranking is fluctuating, depending on the rank of other websites. However, remember that the way SEO optimization off-page is not only about building backlinks.

Destination OFF Page Optimization

Having a purpose similar to the on-page SEO, because both including SEO techniques, SEO optimization off-page also eyeing the increase in website rankings in search engines, adding website traffic, even to increase the Conversion Rate.

Besides increasing website rankings, traffic, and conversion rates, optimization of SEO off-page optimization also aims to:

  • Build a reputation

When your website has a high rating, at the same time the reputation of your website will increase. But, this rise increase must also be accompanied by quality, informative, and useful content for readers.

  • Branding

Seo off-page optimization can also help you build a brand image from the website. Whether you use a website as a portfolio, online store website, or as an online medium, good optimization and quality content can add credibility value to your website.

  • Promote Content Marketing

If you use a website to become an online store, of course, you want visitors to find out information about the brand or product you offer. The right SEO optimization can make it easier for you to promote content marketing.

The off-site SEO optimization technique

After knowing the understanding and purpose of the SEO off-site, now you need to know how to apply it. The following are 7 ways to optimize SEO off-site for websites that you can do:

  • Link Building.

You can take advantage of link building to build a website reputation in search engines. Usually, the manager of the website is guided by the PageRank algorithm created by Google. Even though it’s rarely talked about, almost everyone involved in the world of SEO understands how the concept of PageRank’s assessment.

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Link Building is usually done by “instilling” links on other websites that lead to your website. But before that, there are some things you need to pay attention to when you want to do link building:

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority

Page and the Authority domain are assessments conducted on a website. This assessment is based on the age of the domain, popularity, website content, and content quality in a domain or website page. The bigger the numbers will get better. You can use this number in consideration to choose a website when you want to link building.

  • Link dofollow and nofollow

There are two types of links that you need to know when you want to make a backlink. First, there are do follow links that will be read by Google and are used to rank up to the domain and page authority website. Then there is also a nofollow link that will not be used by Google to assess a website.

You can check whether a link is dofollow or nofollow using the Google Chrome extension, nofollow.

  • Anchor Text.

Google will read anchor text to assess the relevance between the keywords used and the links attached to the word. For example, if you want to direct the reader to a website article about SEO, then you should use the anchor text “SEO”.

However, you also need to be careful in its use, because the use of excessive anchor text can also invite suspicion from Google to giving you a penalty.

  • Traffic

Traffic or Volume Visit to a website is also important you consider when you want to do a link building, especially if you exchange links with other websites. Because the traffic number can also determine how many visitors will click on your website link added to other websites.

  • Relevance with the website

Exchange links or links with your friend’s website or colleague may not be a problem, as long as you can adjust the topic with your website. Do not let, the website used to sell cakes instead attach a link that leads to the website of the motor vehicle parts shop.

Business Listing

The next SEO optimization method is to enter your business identity into business listings. This step can be more effective if the products you offer are food and beverages, lodging services, or recreation. You can take advantage of the review website, like Zomato or Tripadvisor, to place information about your business.

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Utilizing Google My Business

Every day, Google receives billions of searches for various information needed by users. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt if you also add information about your business to the features that Google, Google My business, or Google My Business. It’s easy, you only need to add basic information, photos, and of course the website address.

Distribution to social media

There is nothing wrong with utilizing social media to benefit your website in terms of off-page. You can use social media to share notifications after you have just released new content or articles on your website. If you get a good response, Google can receive a signal that the content you release is interesting for others.

Cooperate with online media

You can also do this step to optimize SEO off-site to your website. When your business has just done an achievement, cooperation, or event, you can create a press release to be distributed to online media and make backlinks to your website.

Send email marketing

Email marketing is often used by marketers or business owners to promote products or services. Because the interaction using email marketing is considered more personal so that it can cause more response from the recipient of the email. This method can be done to attach your content or articles so that the off-page SEO on Your website is increasingly optimized.

Product reviews

This last way requires extra effort in its application. Because optimization of off-page SEO on your website can run smoothly if there are users who do reviews or reviews on their website. Therefore, so that not only “attract Google’s heart”, you must also be able to attract your customers and achieve their loyalty.


Remember, whatever way you use to optimize SEO off-page, don’t let you do away that Google is prohibited, huh. For example, Link Farming activities, namely creating other website pages to build backlinks, send spam emails so that visitors click on the website, or make a Clickbait discourse.

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