6 Ways to Effective Product Rebranding through Social Media

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6 Ways to Effective Product Rebranding through Social Media

6 Ways to Effective Product Rebranding through Social Media 1

Product rebranding decisions will certainly have a big impact on the consumers you have. Rebranding is full of consideration, especially if your brand has been trusted by loyal customers.

If a startup or new company is established and doesn’t have regular customers, it might be able to make basic product changes from the beginning before developing. Thus, the impact of change is not too big for their company. But it is different if you already have a brand with broad customer awareness. Logos, brand names, taglines, etc. will be affected if you make a rebranding decision. Then, how do you rebranding products through social media to get the results you want, but do not harm your brand? The following explanation.

1. Leaking Information of Rebranding Plans to Your Customers

Giving a teaser about your plan can be said to be the right way to draw the audience’s attention to your brand rebranding. For that, you can use social media to publish the teaser that you have planned. This step is a way of rebranding that makes your customers feel that you need their opinions, and you get input that can be taken into consideration. Besides, the launch of the teaser aims to anticipate changes in the attitude of your audience.

2. Change Social Media Profiles

In rebranding, updating your social media profile must be done following the new identity that will be applied to your product. Besides, elements such as the color of the logo that will become the new identity must be seen by the audience. So, rebranding that you do will feel more comprehensive for the attention of the audience.

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3. Updating your Google Business Platform

If you have a Google Business profile, you must also update according to the rebranding that you have planned. But if you don’t have one yet, this is the right time for you to create a business profile to reach a wider audience.

4. Customize Social Media Links with New

During the rebranding process, it is possible that your customers still recognize your product with an old identity. Therefore, you must adjust and change all old links to links that contain information about the new identity of your product. Thus the rebranding results you get will be more effective.

5. Inform your rebranding on the product

Providing rebranding information to customers is an important part of what you must do. Explain to them the reasons for you changing or renewing your identity. Besides, give reasons that rebranding that you do will not reduce the quality of the products and services you provide to them. In this way, this will make your customers feel that the relationship they have with you is very important.

6. Advertise For Rebranding That Has Been Done

Social media like Twitter and Facebook are the right channels to advertise your new identity to a broad audience. So, your customers will get used to the new identity. Additionally, advertising to rebranding your product allows attracting new customers. To achieve effective results you can also consult a rebranding specialist service provider.

That’s the explanation of 6 ways to rebrand products through effective social media. The success of these methods allows your audience to make transactions and sales eventually increase.

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