6 Viral Marketing Strategies That Are Proven Very Effective

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6 Viral Marketing Strategies That Are Proven Very Effective

6 Viral Marketing Strategies That Are Proven Very Effective

Viral marketing has become one of the best fast-growing marketing techniques of 2018 and has proven to work for any product to date. One of the main goals of viral marketing is to make an advertisement or product go viral or known by many people in a short time.

However, to achieve this condition requires a process that is not easy. To help you create good viral marketing, here are 6 of the most effective strategies that many marketers use today:

1. Use Intriguing Humor

Some of the best and most shared audience online ads are downright shocking and hilarious. Learn how humor works, and create a funny ad or funny video ad. This can be a very effective way to get attention from your audience and generate high engagement.

The organic shares you get from humorous ads can reach a wider audience at an incredible rate – which other types of marketing simply can’t do.

2. Do Something First

Setting up a promotional event where your company will be the first to do so is a very effective way of going viral. Activities you can do include breaking records, be it MURI or even world records, and doing something that’s slightly outside your comfort zone. Organizing new activities that are unique and unprecedented can attract attention and make them go viral.

3. Shareable

Any content that you produce, whether for websites or advertisements, must be well optimized so that it is easily shared by your audience, for example by placing a share button at the bottom of your post, a dedicated CTA for sharing, and so on.

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By optimizing your content to make it easier to share on social media, you’ve ensured that your audience will be more motivated to share it.

4. Create a Reaction Video

Creating video content that focuses on the reactions shown by others, can make the content shareable. Something like a unique reaction from a person trying your product, or someone having a unique experience for the first time, can help your audience feel in the shoes of the person in the video. Creating reaction videos, and sharing them multiple times, can be an important part of viral marketing.

5. Giving Gifts

Creating online contests with the lure of special prizes is another way you can go viral. Create a contest in which contains the conditions for sharing the contest with others. With the special prize that you offer, your audience will have high hopes of winning it, so they will do all the requirements that you provide.

An online contest that lasts for one month can make your contest get shares thousands of times or even more than that, before you finally give the prize for free to the audience who won the contest.

6. Cooperating with other companies

Collaborating with other companies can be an effective viral marketing strategy because you can enter different markets and reach more audiences. Partnering with community social organizations or even collaborating with other products for a certain time, can introduce your customers to other products or companies that you like – which can later help you in establishing long-lasting business partnerships.

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