6 Video Marketing Tips To Make It Able To Succeed Your Business

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6 Video Marketing Tips To Make It Able To Succeed Your Business

6 Video Marketing Tips To Make It Able To Succeed Your Business

6 Video Marketing Tips To Make It Able To Succeed Your Business

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you’ll notice that more and more brands are making videos for marketing or marketing.

Usually, this kind of video is shown as an advertisement before or even in the middle or end of the video watched on this platform.

According to Smart Insight, 92% of marketers agree that video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy.

This percentage grew so rapidly from 78% in 2015 which shows that its potential and significance in the marketing world continues to grow.

If you don’t want to be left behind, you also need to immediately know what are the things that are important to making video marketing so that your brand can also benefit from this current strategy.

Come on, see some of the following tips.

1. Make sure the video can attract the audience in 7 seconds

Attractive content is the main key to video marketing.

One of the most important video marketing tips is that your video must be able to attract viewers to click on the video when viewing the thumbnail.

Besides that, they also have to make sure to keep watching and not skip it for just 7 seconds.

It would be better if this could be done in 3 seconds.

According to Social Media Examiner, the first 3-7 seconds is the point where videos experience the highest drop-off rate.

So, make sure to start your video marketing with maximum appeal.

2. Tell a Story

Instead of just introducing the company, brand, vision, mission, and products offered, making video marketing a place to tell stories is much better.

Summarize all these things into a compelling narrative that will more effectively increase audience engagement.

Tell me about how your company or product impacted the client or consumer, what positive impact it had, and so on.

Deliver all of this effectively with video marketing.

Also, try to position yourself as an audience or potential customer to find out what information is relevant to their lives.

Also reinforce this story with customer testimonials, if any.

Reporting from Forbes, according to Richard Flynn of The Spur Group, this is very important for consumers.

3. Audience Interaction

To continue to get an audience and increase sales, you must continue to create content to attract potential buyers.

Now, to make sure people who have watched your previous marketing videos will watch the content that is created next, it’s important to increase engagement with the audience.

One way is to respond to comments and ask viewers to share their opinions.

4. Optimization with SEO

YouTube is also indexed by Google. This means that videos uploaded to the site are entered into Google’s database and can be displayed as search results by users.

Therefore, search engine optimization or better known as SEO (search engine optimization) is very important to make video marketing reach wider.

One way to optimize video marketing is to include a few keywords or keywords in the video description.

Besides, you can add call-to-action and links to your website or landing page with video marketing.

Not only that, but it is also advisable to take advantage of the tagging feature on YouTube.

This is so that the videos created can be recommended to people who are interested in related themes according to the selected tags.

5. Distribute to All Distribution Channels

Making attractive video marketing and following SEO is certainly not enough.

After your video has been uploaded, share the link on all distribution channels that your business has, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and others.

That way, people who may not have been aware of the new content at first may be interested in watching it.

Besides, this can also be done by placing advertisements on these channels, especially on YouTube and Facebook as the main platforms usually used for video marketing.

This method can help you reach the right target customers and entice them to visit your landing page and make a purchase.

6. Evaluation of Results

When all efforts have been made and your video is on the air, what you have to do next is create an evaluation plan for the video marketing campaign that has been carried out.

It is important to know how effective this strategy is.

Besides, improvements can also be made with the evaluation results obtained.

Video marketing evaluation can be done by analyzing analytical data based on certain metrics such as the number of videos watched, the percentage of visitor clicks, and others.

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